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Pastor John Amanchukwu: ‘Critical Race Theory has no place in the Church’


They say through Critical Race Theory that ‘whites are inherently racist.’ That’s not true. What if a person gets born again? [If] you ask a Critical Race theorist, they still believe that you’re inherently racist because of the color of your skin….”

– Pastor John Amanchukwu

During a special evening service at Cornerstone Chapel in Leesburg, Virginia, guest pastor John Amanchukwu decried Critical Race Theory (CRT), the racist roots of abortion, and transgenderism while also calling on pastors to stand up and teach biblical truth on tough issues.

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Amanchukwu, the author of the soon-to-be-released book Eraced: Uncovering the Lies of Critical Race Theory and Abortion, said that the average pastor is afraid to speak up against sin and corruption.

“We have preachers who are less of watchmen and more like wimps. We have wimps mounting our sacred pulpits all around this country. And they’re preaching a steady diet of easy believism, cheap grace, and lies to congregations to keep rear ends in the pew…But I want to tell you today, what we need more than ever is preachers who are not afraid to stand on the Word of God.”

Cornerstone Chapel is in Loudoun County, which many consider the epicenter of a battle between woke school boards and parents. The parent community there has been under almost continual attack, so as a black pastor, Amanchukwu is uniquely qualified talk about how Marxist deconstructionists and ideologues can sweep in with deceptive language and twisted tactics (which he described as “jamming”) to destroy families and communities. He warned:

“Do not allow the tactic of jamming to allow you to accept things that God has called ungodly.… God’s truth is not right because of man, God’s truth makes man right — not the other way around. So, we must hold to what we know is sound truth.”

Some of the key issues he addressed were Critical Race Theory (CRT), transgenderism, and abortion.

Critical Race Theory, he explained, teaches people “to find racism in every action and encounter you might see in society”; under this belief system, he explained, CRT proponents would say that the only reason he was invited to speak at Cornerstone Chapel is because of “tokenism.” Amanchukwu condemned such poisonous teachings. He stated,

“Critical Race Theory has no place in the Church. Racism is not a color or a skin tone. Racism is a sin. … They say through Critical Race Theory that ‘whites are inherently racist.’ That’s not true. What if a person gets born again? [And if] you ask a Critical Race theorist, they still believe that you’re inherently racist because of the color of your skin. Well, here’s the reality with that. Racism is a choice…. People have passed out victimization to blacks as a crown, but only fools put it on. Many wear the garland of victimization as an ornament or trophy. I am not a victim.”

Critical Race Theory has gained attention in the last few years as it has made its way into schools, workplaces, and the military. Though its presence in schools has been denied and covered up by teachers’ unions, CRT has become a target of parents who oppose its teachings. These teachings include the concept of white privilege, that white children are born racist, and that America is systemically racist and inherently bad.

Regarding transgenderism, Amanchukwu stated that there are only two genders.

“When you go to social media, you find out that there’s 72 different pronouns and 72 different genders. That’s not true. And doctors do not assign gender to children. God does that. All you have to do is use two eyes … and you will be able to see what that child is.”

Amanchukwu also pointed to the evils of abortion and its effects on black families. He cited Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger’s intent to eliminate blacks and Lyndon B. Johnson’s Great Society which incentivized fatherlessness. Amanchukwu stated, “You can’t be pro-abortion and name the name of Christ at the same time.”

He urged Christians to stand up and speak the truth as well as vote their values. He also encouraged Christians to pray at school board meetings and to get involved in stopping CRT in schools.

Christians should watch the entirety of this presentation to Cornerstone Chapel as it will help better equip them to recognize and withstand the attacks and lies that are being foisted upon society. The country needs more pastors and Christian leaders like Amanchukwu to stand up to the evils of CRT, abortion, and other ideas and actions that are dividing our society, undermining the nuclear family, and working to destroy God’s image bearers. Many pastors are afraid to preach on the evils and rot attacking, demoralizing, and destroying our society, our churches, and our children because they don’t want to be cancelled or harassed.

There is absolutely no reason any pastor would embrace or preach sinful, poisonous, and anti-Christian ideologies like CRT, transgenderism, or abortion other than to virtue-signal their alliance to worldly values or to water down the Gospel to tickle ears. As such, no Christian should remain under the teaching or influence of any pastor that refuses to preach the unadulterated Word of God.

The Bible is crystal clear regarding all of the sinful, depraved activity that is being normalized, embraced, and promoted in our society.

Pastors who view these as political issues rather than spiritual ones neglect their duty to shepherd their congregations. CRT, for example, pits people one against each other and creates marked, even violent divisions. CRT is racism. It’s a sin. And it should be rejected.

The Church is one body. In the body there are to be no divisions, and that includes dividing according to skin color or ethnicity. Teaching people that they are inherently racist based on their skin color is evil. Teaching people that they are doomed to be victims and must scapegoat and destroy others in order to succeed is also evil. Neither of these is the truth and neither is loving. It is wholly antithetical to Christianity and to how Christ views us.

God is no respecter of persons, “for all have sinned,” as noted in Romans 2:11-12. And yet He desires “all people to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth” (1 Timothy 2:4) and “judges impartially according to one’s deeds” (1 Peter 1:17).

As Amanchukwu himself put it: “It is imperative that we know that we are all one blood. Christ has made us one, and that should be the banner by which we all rest our truth and what we commit to.”

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