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Loudoun County Schools had a father arrested to cover up his daughter’s rape by a skirt-wearing male student in a girls’ bathroom


Investigative reporting by the Daily Wire shows that Loudoun County Schools knew about and allegedly covered up the sexual assault of a female student in the girls’ bathroom by a male student wearing a skirt. School officials had the girl’s father arrested and transferred the male student to another school, where he later committed another sexual assault on a different girl.

When parents gathered to speak at a school board meeting three weeks later regarding a pending policy that would allow transgender students to use the bathroom of their choice, Scott Smith, whose daughter had been raped in the girl’s bathroom, attended with the intent to tell his daughter’s story. The meeting, however, was declared an unlawful assembly and many parents were denied the opportunity to speak, including Smith.

Smith was arrested for disorderly conduct, as was one other man. The policy was later passed by the school board at another meeting, one that Smith was banned from attending. If what Smith had to say had ever been heard, it is unlikely the policy ever could have passed.

The Daily Wire published its investigation into Smith’s situation and what they found can only be described as appalling. On May 28, Smith received a call that his daughter had been assaulted by a male, allegedly a “boy in a skirt,” in the bathroom. When Smith arrived at the school, he learned that his daughter had actually been raped. School officials said they would handle the issue in house, rather than report the crime to the police. Smith said that he “went nuts.” The school called the police, not to arrest the male student, but to forcibly remove Smith from school property. Due only to the fact that Smith drew enough attention to the incident, the police collected evidence and built a case to arrest and prosecute the male student.

Loudoun County sent a message to parents that something out of the ordinary happened at school, but said it had to do with Smith, not the rape that had occurred in the bathroom.

On June 22, when parents gathered to voice their opposition to the school board regarding its impending transgender policy proposal, Smith attended. School board member Beth Barts said, “Our students do not need to be protected, and they are not in danger. Do we have assaults in our bathrooms or locker rooms regularly?”

Superintendent Scott Ziegler replied, “To my knowledge, we don’t have any record of assaults occurring in our restrooms.”

Board chair Brenda Sheridan asked, “Have we had any issues involving transgender students in our bathrooms or locker rooms?”

Ziegler responded, “I think it’s important to keep our perspective on this — we’ve heard it several times tonight from our public speakers but the predator transgender student or person simply does not exist.

Before Smith had a chance to make known what had happened to his daughter, the meeting was declared an unlawful assembly. A pro-transgender parent approached Smith and his wife, Jess. Allegedly, they got into a discussion over the policy and Smith told her about his daughter’s rape. Smith recalled, “And she looks me dead in the eyes and says, ‘That’s not what happened.’” On taking note that his shirt featured the name of his plumbing business, she added, “Oh… I’m going to ruin your business on social media.”

Smith then called the woman an expletive and a police officer grabbed his arm. When Smith tried to jerk his arm away, officers attacked him and held him on the ground. With his lips bloodied, Smith said, “I can’t breathe.”

In the ensuing days, Smith was a media phenomenon, being mocked by many on the left and forced to erect temporary fencing around his house to keep the media away.

When the National School Boards Association asked the Department of Justice to step in and investigate and treat parents as domestic terrorists, they cited Smith’s arrest as evidence of the threats they were facing.

Buta Biberaj, the county prosecutor known for her lenient stance on criminals, did not go easy on Smith. Biberaj showed up in court to personally prosecute Smith. Despite Smith’s lawyer explaining the circumstances, Biberaj sought jail time for the ailing and emotionally distraught father. The judge declined her recommendation and sentenced Smith to probation.

Smith’s lawyer Elizabeth Lancaster said, “It is incredibly unusual for a disorderly conduct case to even go forward. The idea that they would actually be seeking jail time… I’d guess in my 15 years the number of times I’ve seen that happen would be zero. It would be completely unheard of for the prosecutor to handle a misdemeanor.”

The Loudoun County School Board adopted the transgender policy on August 11. Smith, meanwhile, kept silent waiting for his daughter’s case to play out. While the assailant was expected to plead guilty on October 14, on October 6 he allegedly committed another sexual assault. The male student forced a female student into a classroom at Broad Run High School and inappropriately touched her.

Smith was not told about the assault but, after contacting law enforcement, discovered it was the same student. The Daily Wire confirmed that the assailant in both cases was the same student.

Luke Rosiak, an investigative reporter with the Daily Wire, wrote,

“Two girls, allegedly sexually assaulted in school, four months apart, by the same person. And so far, the only person to be convicted of a crime is the victim’s father. A school policy passed following what appear to be false statements from the superintendent — a policy whose passage would have been politically impossible had Smith’s story seen the light of day. Will this cause anything to change in Loudoun? Has anyone learned anything? There is no evidence that the answer is yes on either count.”

There is one key message conveyed by this situation and all women must hear it. The left does not care how many girls have to be sexually assaulted to advance the LGBT agenda, because, for all its talk and drama, the left does not actually care about women.

In the twisted philosophy of intersectionality, women are valued by the left only insofar as they are favored over straight white men. Transgenders and other LGBT people have a higher victim status than women, meaning that if a woman’s story is inconvenient to the advancement of the left’s LGBT agenda, it should — and will — be silenced. There is no such thing as “believe all women” when doing so harms the left and its more favored causes.

Another key takeaway from this account is that the Loudoun County school system is a leftist activist organization. It has been not only engaging in a coverup at the risk of students, but it is an organization that should be treated as hostile both to parents and students. Leftist activists have taken control of not only the school board but also the county prosecutor’s office, and they seek to impose their agenda regardless of the consequences. Parents who try to speak out are targeted and silenced — and they may even be investigated by the FBI.

Don’t think this is restricted to Loudoun County, a place that is not even a leftist enclave. If it can happen in Loudoun County, it can happen anywhere.

As the debate rages over who is the key stakeholder in a child’s education, this case provides a clear answer: the parents. Yes, there are many good educators, but there are also many who care nothing about children, only their own political agenda. It’s high time that decisions about a child’s education and safety be left to the people most interested in the child’s well-being, and that is the parents — not the government.

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