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Abby Johnson | The Pro-Life Movement Is Not Going Anywhere
Project Veritas’ James O’Keefe | Exposing The Truth In A Culture Of Censorship
Does It Matter How We Worship God?
Wokeism, CRT, and Big Tech w/Sen. Ted Cruz
Staring Down the BLM Mob With The Gospel
COURT PACKING and Why YOU Should Oppose It

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The Standing For Freedom Center at Liberty University equips Christians to be courageous champions for Christ to advance His kingdom and preserve American freedom and is founded upon 5 essentials. With our nation’s history and future in mind, we take our stand for faith and liberty.

Providing for the “common defense” is one of the primary purposes of our nation’s Constitution. Accordingly, the elements that we must protect and preserve involve matters related to both our national and personal defense. To this end, we align with and promote laws and doctrine that ultimately lead to continued freedom.

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