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Biblical Worldview Quiz

Biblical Worldview Survey

1. An objective understanding of truth implies that shared moral values are necessary to build a society.
2. We get our understanding of objective truth and morality from science, history, and philosophy or any other human institution.
3. God created the universe as we know it, and sovereignly directed the creation of life from the smallest life forms to Adam and Eve as a part of His plan for the world.
4. According to Psalm 139, life begins at conception, when we were knit by God in our mother's womb.
5. Purpose in life is achieved by working hard, achieving financial success, garnering approval from others, and pursuing the "American Dream".
6. A human being is an individual being created in the image of God that contains both a physical body that last temporarily and a soul that does not die.
7. Marriage and family should be defined as a committed relationship between one man and one woman who willfully enter into a marriage covenant together, reflecting God's own design for the redemption of His church.
8. Christ is the incarnation of God in human flesh and the only way by which our souls can be saved.
9. There are elements of the Bible that are literally true and are other elements of Scripture that use symbolic language to convey truth through storytelling.
10. The wealthy taking advantage of those less fortunate, war, lack of education, and difficulty finding purpose in life are the chief problems facing people today.
11. Faith in God importantly involves recognizing we are not in control and following God's sovereign plan gives us eternal salvation, which has the added benefits boosting our mental health and quality of life.
12. The purpose of the local church involves interfaith outreach, where both religious and non-religious individuals come together primarily for fellowship and community work to build common ground and help understand each other's differences.
13. In order to produce a more fair and equitable society, school board members and counselors should be given priority over the education and well-being of children.
14. A healthy approach to human sexuality is defined Biblically as between one man and one woman who are committed partners within a covenant of marriage.
15. Civic engagement is important because Biblical principles lead directly towards a more fair and equitable society, despite what critics say.
16. The role of authority in metaphorical, and thus there is no clear or specific role for them.
17. Pluralism incorrectly implies that human beings are essentially good, not God, since any belief system leads to salvation.
18. Although human beings are capable of performing good works, without Christ, they are ultimately tainted by man's sinful nature.
19. Christianity is unique in the context of other religions because those faiths teach or imply that man can save themselves through their own works and righteousness, whereas Christianity directly teaches that is only through the grace of Christ that humans can be saved.
20. A Biblical worldview is important because it reminds us that we don't achieve salvation through any good works or deeds but through the grace of God.