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Nation’s largest teachers union scrubs its website of votes to promote radical ideologies and censor parents


The National Education Association (NEA), the largest teachers union in the U.S., is facing criticism for purposefully hiding its votes to promote left-wing causes, as well as its stated desire to see Big Tech companies censor parents’ posts.

Quick Facts

Last summer, the NEA began scrubbing its website of past votes approving left-wing policies. Recently the Southeastern Legal Foundation discovered that even more pages were deleted. Some of the votes removed include:

A vote that did not pass that was also scrubbed was the proposal that the NEA dedicate itself to “putting a renewed emphasis on quality education.”

Not long after the National School Boards Association (NSBA) sent a letter to the White House saying that parents opposing CRT were violent and domestic terrorists, the NEA sent a letter to social media companies asking them to censor “propaganda” that was encouraging alleged violence against educators.

NEA President Becky Pringle, author of the letter, cited “the alarming growth of a small but violent group of radicalized adults who falsely believe that graduate level courses about racism are being taught in K-12 public schools because of misinformation spread on social media.”

This is a reference to CRT, which the NEA voted to push in school, a vote that it also hid.

Pringle applauded the DOJ’s decision to target parents and blamed social media companies for turning schools “into centers of a culture war,” asking them to “help put an end to the stream of propaganda fueling violence against our educators in our communities.” She also asked for a pledge “to regulate lies and fix your algorithms.”

Laura Zorc, executive director of Building Education for Students Together, responded to the NEA’s hostility towards parents by saying, “Creating a scary strawman while failing to address the actual worries of parents is a typical tactic for these special interest groups. Social media platforms are key for parents who are trying to organize resistance to the NEA’s agenda — the NEA’s call for suppressing so-called misinformation sounds like another name for censorship.”

Ian Prior, executive director at Fight for Schools, said, “This looks like a concerted effort between the federal government and outside groups like the NEA and NSBA to interfere with the First Amendment rights of parents.”

After referencing the recently uncovered connection between the White House and the NSBA letter, he added, “It doesn’t stretch the imagination to believe that the federal government was also involved in the NEA letter.”

In the blockbuster film “The Avengers,” Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, confronts an evasive Nick Fury with evidence of his illicit activities by saying: “I’m sorry Nick, what were you lying?”

That line seems fitting here as the NEA and many in the education business continue to try to hide their activities and agenda, particularly regarding CRT, even as overwhelming evidence shows that schools are teaching it. And now we know that the NEA voted to promote it and to stomp out opposition to it, all while telling social media companies that only crazed conspiracy theorists intent on violence would suggest that CRT is being taught in schools.

Many in positions of power in education have a dark agenda, in case it wasn’t clear enough already. This is even further evidenced not only by the proposals that passed and were hidden but also the hidden proposals focusing on the quality of education that did not pass and the ones in favor of political indoctrination that did. Equally concerning are the connections with the White House and social media companies intent on minimizing parents’ ability to confront this agenda.

The battle for America’s children is in full swing and those in power don’t like the competition from parents. As such, it is imperative that parents stay informed and continue to speak out so that these nefarious plans are not only exposed but soundly defeated.

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