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When ‘Black Lives’ Don’t Matter


“The abortion industry is killing off black Americans en masse, and there’s not a peep of concern coming from the folks who never miss an opportunity to chant “Black Lives Matter” in front of the cameras. To the contrary, progressives are now claiming that overturning Roe v. Wade would harm black Americans!”


It looks like we’ve finally found an example of “systemic racism” that progressives find acceptable. And not merely acceptable, but one that doesn’t go far enough.

Before we get to that, recall how the left has purportedly found racial oppression lurking in the shadows of nearly every aspect of life. The cases they cite range from laughable to psychotic. Basic math, grammar, punctuality, private property, the word “obesity,” and a hard work ethic, for instance, have all been given the “R” treatment. As have Abraham Lincoln memorials, nonprofit financial disclosure forms, and even confusing sweet potatoes with yams (for real).

We’ve been told to tolerate mass looting and vandalism in broad daylight because, well, that’s just modern-day reparations.

Stop complaining and get over it, whitey!

Then there’s Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, who pushed for a trillion-dollar government spending spree because racism was “physically built into some of our highways.”

In short, progressives rarely miss an opportunity to besmirch their American brethren as hardened bigots, where each racial incident (like the Buffalo slaying) becomes an avatar for a larger indictment against the country as a whole.

Meanwhile, it has become religious dogma for the same crew to view any disparity between whites and blacks as de facto evidence of discrimination.

The topic could be income levels, wealth accumulation, standardized test scores, police altercations, or prison rates — it doesn’t matter. If a disparity exists between these two groups, there is a mad dash to the media to blame such results on rampant racism.

Heck, the Biden administration is allegedly so intent on stamping out “systemic racism” that the Department of Justice has launched an “environmental justice” division to combat what they allege is the disproportionate impact of “climate change” on “communities of color.”

I could go on and on with the parade of absurdities. But I won’t.

I’d hit my word limit without getting to the crux of this article.

And that crux is this: the left racializes everything… except for abortion.

It is on the issue of abortion that we find out — surprise, surprise — disparities don’t equal discrimination.

And those disparities are through the roof.

Writing in the journal Health Services Research and Managerial Epidemiology, three scholars found that “Black women have been experiencing induced abortions at a rate nearly 4 times that of White women for at least 3 decades, and likely much longer.” The authors call this “racially skewed distribution” the “most demographically consequential occurrence for the minority population” because of its “impact on the size and racial composition” of the country.

Translation: The abortion industry is killing off black Americans en masse, and there’s not a peep of concern coming from the folks who never miss an opportunity to chant “Black Lives Matter” in front of the cameras. To the contrary, progressives are now claiming that overturning Roe v. Wade would harm black Americans!

That’s the argument Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen made in front of the U.S. Senate. Yellen complained that women may no longer “have the ability to regulate their reproductive situation in ways that will enable them to plan lives that are fulfilling and satisfying,” an outcome that will mostly affect low-income black women, she added.

Yet as the authors of “Perceiving and Addressing the Pervasive Racial Disparity in Abortion” indicate, maintaining the status quo is unacceptable: “Black children in the United States have not had, and do not have today, an equal opportunity to survive until birth.”

Hey, aren’t liberals always badgering us about how we need to have an open dialogue about race in America?

Okay, let’s have one.

Let’s start with the numbers coming out of Pennsylvania that these researchers crunched. In 2018, abortions accounted for 62.7 percent of all premature black deaths in the Keystone State while abortions for whites totaled only 23.9 percent of all premature white deaths. To put this comparison in perspective, while blacks make up 12 percent of Pennsylvania’s population, their abortion rates are nearly two-thirds higher than that of whites.

Seems like a big a deal.

The legalized erasure of black Americans has not gone unnoticed by Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. In a decision made by the Court in 2019, Thomas noted that “there are areas of New York City in which black children are more likely to be aborted than they are to be born alive—and are up to eight times more likely to be aborted than white children in the same area.”

Could the Ku Klux Klan have devised a better policy than abortion to “impact the size and racial composition” of blacks in this nation?

Sadly, that’s not too far from the truth.

For all the screeching about how “white supremacy” is the “most lethal threat to our homeland today,” as Joe Biden declared, there is utter silence on the racist roots of Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion provider in the United States. Planned Parenthood was literally started by a documented eugenics enthusiast who dedicated her professional career to championing birth control as the “most constructive and necessary of the means to racial health.”

That person was Margaret Sanger, and her eugenics advocacy in the 20th century laid the “foundations for legalizing abortion,” noted Justice Thomas in Box v. Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky, Inc., a case that dealt with race-specific abortions. Eugenics is a nasty ideology, grounded in Darwinian evolution, that explored political, scientific, and cultural ways of producing a superior human race by cleansing society of the “unfit.”

Justice Thomas’s opinion is worth reading in its entirety, as it lays out the awful history of eugenics in the early 1900s and its ugly connection to the abortion industry today.

That connection is Margaret Sanger, a person who Planned Parenthood, up until recently, celebrated by giving out their “highest honor,” the Margaret Sanger Award, to public figures and officials who showed “outstanding contributions to the reproductive health and rights movement.” Former Planned Parenthood presidents have also boasted publicly that they are “walking down the path” and in “the footsteps of Margaret Sanger.”

So what are those footsteps?

Margaret Sanger can tell us in her own words.

In an article titled “The Eugenic Value of Birth Control Propaganda,” the feminist heroine hailed eugenics “as the most adequate and thorough avenue to the solution of racial, political and social problems.” Her disgust for “inferior” peoples, however, was only getting warmed up. In her book The Pivot of Civilization, she advocated forced “segregation” and “sterilization” to bring about “racial regeneration” and called for the end of philanthropy because it was the “surest sign that our civilization has bred, is breeding and is perpetuating constantly increasing numbers of defectives, delinquents and dependents.” In fact, “humanitarianism and altruism” have “produced their full harvest of human waste,” she groused.

And that’s from only two chapters. There are many more pages filled with such hateful diatribe.

But Sanger really had it out for blacks, especially blacks living in the South.

Justice Thomas detailed how Sanger helped launch the “Negro Project” in 1939, which was designed to fuel the use of birth control within impoverished black communities. She believed that these women, by refraining from having children, could “improve their immediate situation.”

Hmm, where have we heard that before? Paging Janet Yellen…

To help Sanger get her campaign off the ground, she co-authored a proposal titled “Birth Control and the Negro,” wherein blacks were characterized as “the great problem of the South” because they are the faction with the “greatest economic, health, and social problems.” Sanger even reportedly cribbed a line from fellow socialist W.E.B. DuBois to argue that her project was needed because blacks “still breed carelessly and disastrously.” She later urged enlisting black pastors to support this initiative, shrewdly understanding that “the minister is the man” who could rebuff any charges from “rebellious [church] members” that “we want to exterminate the Negro population.”

Suspicion from those “rebellious members” would’ve been warranted. Sanger viewed birth control as an onramp to her goal of engineering the perfect race.

Here’s what she wrote in Birth Control and Racial Betterment, two decades before the “Negro Project”:

“Before eugenists and others who are laboring for racial betterment can succeed, they must first clear the way for Birth Control. Like the advocates of Birth Control, the eugenists, for instance, are seeking to assist the race toward the elimination of the unfit. Both are seeking a single end but they lay emphasis upon different methods.”

If this woman were around today, she’d be in prison yards across America holding recruiting drives for the Aryan Nation: Sign up here for a free tattoo if you want to express your hatred for every black and Jew!

Despite Herculean efforts to rehabilitate Sanger’s revolting past, New York University, which houses the “Margaret Sanger Papers Project,” conceded that her “Negro Project” was “influenced strongly by both the eugenics movement and the progressive welfare programs of the New Deal era” and was, from the outset, “largely indifferent to the needs of the black community and constructed in terms and with perceptions that today smack of racism.”

It took many decades to manifest, but Sanger’s aim at limiting the growth of the black population was finally realized. Since Roe v. Wade, some 20 million black babies have been slaughtered in the womb, and slaughtered at a faster pace than their white counterparts. This is the poisonous legacy of Margaret Sanger and her handmaiden of death, Planned Parenthood.

As Christians, we believe that executing the unborn is a heinous evil because we bear God’s very image. Life — the life God gives us — is in the blood, which is why God detests “hands that shed innocent blood,” as the Bible states in Proverbs 6:16-17. Moreover, we believe that we are one human race and therefore, unlike the eugenics crowd of Sanger’s day, reject the credo of racial hierarchies. The Apostle Paul makes this point clear in Acts 17:26: “From one man he made all the nations that they should inhabit the whole earth.”

Racism is a heinous evil because we are all descendants from that same “one man.” God is “no respecter of persons,” according to Acts 10:34, a fact fully embodied by Jesus Christ during His earthly ministry and through His sacrificial gift of salvation. He loves His children equally — regardless of skin color — and offers them all the opportunity to enter into relationship with Him and to have eternal life.

Leave it to progressives to combine the two evils of racism and the killing of the unborn, and to dub it a “right,” no less. When it comes to their holy grail of abortion, black lives, truly, do not matter.

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