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VIDEO: Alito’s neighbor plays ‘Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus’ as pro-aborts protest the justice’s house


One week after Politico published the leaked opinion draft of Dobbs v. Jackson, which strongly indicated a reverse to Roe v. Wade, nearly 200 pro-abortion activists took to the streets — but not the streets of Capitol Hill or downtown Washington D.C. A quiet northern Virginia community was disrupted by loud and vulgar chants in angry response to the impending decision that will gut abortion access in the United States.

The crowd met at a local parking lot and marched to the home of Justice Samuel Alito, which garnered a heavy police presence.

En route to Alito’s house, chants, which rung more vulgar than at most demonstrations, echoed throughout the upscale suburban community.

F*** the Court and the legislature!
We are not your incubator!

What do we want?
When do we want it?
If we don’t get it…
Shut it down!

But through the shouts and vulgarities, one neighbor found comfort in the hymn “‘Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus” and wanted others to hear it, too. With open windows, the pianist played the age-old hymn on the family’s grand piano, which was easily heard from the street.

The neighbor wished to remain anonymous for safety concerns but provided the Standing for Freedom Center with a quote:

“I wanted to do something beautiful and thoughtful to counter the noise, the chaos, the sadness of those protesting life in front of an empty house. There is nothing more steadfast and measured than the joy of worshipping our Savior through precious hymns.”

Following the protest, Editor-in-Chief for the Freedom Center, John Wesley Reid called his mom to update her on the events of the evening. His mom, who has long encouraged him in his pro-life pursuits, said:

God hears the cries of the babies over the shouts of the crowd, and God hears the cries of His people who are combatting this great evil.

Protestors gathered in front of Alito’s house, giving a platform for multiple speakers to advocate for abortion. One woman even claimed that the Bible doesn’t condemn abortion.

So, for all those people who use the Bible and use religion to try and force their ideals on other peoples’ bodies, this one’s for you. Take a look in your Bible and see for yourself.

The woman went on to cite references in the Old Testament and how they allegedly give instructions for abortion, even though the passages are in no fashion related to abortion. The speaker also said that the Bible does not say that life begins at conception but at birth. Perhaps conveniently or ignorantly, she failed to reference “thou shalt not kill” or Psalm 139, which affirms that life begins in the womb.

Since the leak, Alito has been singled out from his High Court peers as he is the one who authored the leaked opinion. While Supreme Court decisions include opinions by multiple justices combined, the “opinion of the Court” is the applied opinion and the author of the opinion of the Court is assigned by the chief justice. In this case, Chief Justice Roberts assigned Justice Alito to pen the application.

But while Alito has been singled out, he isn’t the only Supreme Court justice to have been doxxed and targeted with an aggressive protest. Last Saturday night, Chief Justice Roberts and Justice Kavanaugh also had their homes picketed.

The next scheduled opinion release on the Supreme Court’s calendar is Monday, May 16. The Court does not say which case decisions will be released when, but as this term draws nearer to a close, each decision day is likely to be rife with protests and media coverage so as to not miss the formal release of the Dobbs decision.

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