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Critical Race Theory is Just the Tip of the Iceberg


Can American parents prevail in the battle for the hearts, minds, and souls of their children? It is a question whose answer will be determined by our immediate action, or lack thereof, in the coming years. We’ve already fallen behind. We are focused mostly on Critical Race Theory (CRT) because of its aggressive and pervasive demonization of whites and victimization of non-whites, but we need to expand our focus to see the bigger picture — and fast. There are other critical theories that are equally as damaging to children that need our attention.

Although CRT proponents claim that they bring healing, in truth they act to realize a Marxist agenda by indoctrinating our children with their teachings. That is why we must become aware of the other critical theories our children are exposed to: Critical Queer Theory (CQT) and Critical Feminist Theory (CFT) are two other major critical theories in the mix. 

CQT was birthed in the 1990s with the intent to challenge what society views as “normal” in terms of the dichotomy between heterosexuality and homosexuality. 

Here’s evidence of how this has manifested in the classroom.  

On November 27, a teacher named Nalo proudly tweeted a photo and this comment on Twitter: 

“My students call me Professor Nalo because I prefer not to use Mrs. or Mr. in my classroom. I teach all subjects as a 1st grade teacher, but my favorite moments are always when my students ask about my queerness.”

Nalo went on to elaborate that the elementary children she teaches have not only met her wife but have fiercely defended her if others call her “Mister” or “Miss” rather than “professor.” In addition to the many other deceptions foisted on these children and the adults she badgers into submission, it should be noted that Nalo is not a professor. Nalo is a grade school teacher successfully indoctrinating six-year-olds.

And then there’s CFT. In part, this feminist ideology focuses on gender inequality and places the blame on biological males. According to the theory, females of all ages are victims of males who seek to devalue and dehumanize them. Males are therefore misogynistic oppressors, and women are victims. And what does this look like? You’ll hear about woke college professors who boast about not calling on their white male students. CFT only extends so far, though. All pretenses of concerns for females go out the window when it comes to biological males identifying as females in sports competitions. That looks like ex-MMA fighter Fallon Fox beating his female opponent, Tamikka Brents, so severely that he fractured Brents’ skull.

Most of the sexually explicit books currently circulating in K-12 schools have combined CQT and CFT in a spin focusing on LGBTQ+ sex health. Some of the most recent controversies concerned school districts across the country exposing children to graphic novels depicting pornographic, coming-of-age LGBTQ+ stories.

These confusing critical theories, as others, were birthed on university campuses and do nothing but create confusion and stress for everyone: children, parents, and teachers alike. Pressures to conform are enormous. What we have created is a minefield laced with numerous potential pitfalls for students and parents who are interested in a traditional education. 

If parents are to effectively advocate for their children, they must “know thy enemy.”

That means they must become as well-versed in the dangers of all the other Marxist and postmodernist theories that have invaded the K-12 educational realm as they are in CRT.      

Therein lies the answer: To prevail in the battle for the hearts, minds, and souls of our children, we must no longer be reactionary. Parents must be knowledgeable enough to anticipate the would-be indoctrinators and cut short their attempts to advance. Only then can we hope to reverse the trend of CRT and these other critical theories in K-12 education.

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