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Rewriting History Books Doesn’t Rewrite History


The shocking suddenness of the infection of the Godless Marxist ideological cancer in all aspects of America can be traced back to its roots in the education system at all levels, which increasingly has abandoned classic education norms in order to throttle up full-speed toward indoctrination.

Just a few days ago, in a conversation I had with Dr. Ben Carson for my “People’s Podcast” on Quake Media, he made a statement that was at first startling, but at the same time very revealing. He said, “COVID has actually been a blessing.”

COVID has nearly destroyed some businesses I own, and the pandemic hit me hard financially so I was anxious to hear about this “blessing” he had just announced.

Dr. Carson then said, “Because of COVID and students doing their schoolwork at home, parents started seeing first-hand what their children were being taught, and it shocked them, woke them up, and created a real backlash to the Marxist teachings of Critical Race Theory, the Black Lives Matter fraud, and the nonsense of socialist economic policies.”

This academic turn started as the radical students of the 1960s became the radical professors of the past 25 years. Their influence at the university level and the K-12 level was largely ignored or unknown until the last 18 months, thanks to a combination of parental awareness and leftist leaders no longer even pretending to want incremental change in our government and social order.

The radical left’s primary tool to transform the nation has been Critical Race Theory (CRT), the utterly upside-down philosophy that places everyone in America in one of two categories: oppressed or oppressor.

According to CRT, every white person, no matter what his or her background or socio-economic status, is a racist. The inherent racism in all social structures in the United States is “systemic,” which is the left’s way of articulating that all whites have baked-in advantages in education, economics, language, music, and athletics. People of color are so incredibly disadvantaged that they have been unable to live the “American Dream” orexperience the benefits of American Exceptionalism.  

And CRT teaches that since these inequities have existed from the very foundation of the United States, it’s time for there to be a radical re-structuring of every institution in the land, from who receives farm loans or gets into Harvard down to banning Dr. Seuss’ children’s books and Disney World re-tooling the background music on rides in the Magic Kingdom because the traditional ones are “racist.” Huh? 

(I didn’t say any of it made sense — I’m just describing how extreme the CRT advocates have gone so as to remake America.) 

CRT rejects absolutely the rational and sane view of race that blacks are as capable as whites, and if given the same opportunities will achieve the same or superior results as their white classmates. CRT openly rejects the hope of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., who longed for the time when all people wouldbe judged not by the “color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”

With CRT, it’s ALL about color. Barack Obama was twice elected President largely by white voters, blacks have led the Department of Defense, the Justice Department, and the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Dr. Carson served as the director of pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Medical Center. How could any of that be possible if, in fact, the country is rotten to the core with rabid racism? 

CRT does not advocate equal opportunity, but equal outcomes. In order to attain that, we have to re-structure education so as to no longer even require reading or math skills in exchange for objective standards for how we FEEL about math or science.

Marxism dressed as CRT is so destructive that no parent should tolerate its infiltration in their child’s classroom any more than they would tolerate rattlesnakes in the baby crib. At least with rattlesnakes, they warn that they are about to bite!

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