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USA Today edits female athlete’s opinion on competing against biological males to suit transgender activists

    Chelsea Mitchell, a female high school track star in Connecticut, recently wrote an opinion piece in USA Today discussing her experience competing against biological males, but after publishing the piece, the newspaper’s editors stealth-edited it because they considered her use of the word “male” to be “hurtful” to the transgender community.   Quick...

3 weeks ago

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Black Lives Matter leaders back terror group Hamas and ‘Free Palestine’ cause, showing that what really matters is cultural Marxism

      Throughout much of the history of the United States, African Americans found solidarity in their plight with the ancient Israelites who had once been slaves in Egypt, but now Black Lives Matter (BLM) has announced that it has chosen to side with Israel’s enemies.   Quick Facts   Black Lives Matter (BLM)...

4 weeks ago

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Judge throws out female track athletes’ lawsuit, ruling that girls who lost to biological males suffered no injury

    Federal Judge Robert Chatigny threw out a lawsuit brought by four female athletes who sued to stop Connecticut from allowing biological males to compete in women’s sports, with the judge ruling that the case was “not justiciable at this time.”   Quick Facts   Selina Soule, Chelsea Mitchell, Alanna Smith, and Ashley Nicoletti...

2 months ago

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