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How Transgenderism Destroys Women’s Spaces


In embracing transgenderism and all its absurd contradictions, the left has adopted the spirit of the Tower of Babel, operating according to pride and in open rebellion to God and united only in its hatred of those who oppose its delusions.

Paul tells us that “A little leaven leavens the whole lump” (Galatians 5:9). Though the apostle was referring to heresy in that specific instance, his warning applies to a phenomenon that no one in first century Galatia — or Corinth, Rome, Ephesus, or Thessaloniki, for that matter — could have foreseen: transgenderism.

Just as it takes only a little leaven to “leaven the whole lump,” it takes just one man who identifies as a woman to completely ruin a women’s sports team.

Take the case of a certain “B.P.J.,” a male identifying as a female at a West Virginia middle school who was allowed to participate on the girls’ track and field team.

B.P.J. allegedly made repeated crass sexual remarks to a female team member by the name of Adaleia Cross. Cross claimed that “During the end of [Cross’s last middle school year], about two to three times per week, B.P.J. would look at me” and make coarse remarks. The female-identifying male was apparently never seriously disciplined for his actions.

Nor was Cross the only victim of B.P.J.’s horrific behavior.

This April, in protest about being forced to go up against a male, five girls from the West Virginia school in question forfeited a shot put contest in which B.P.J. was involved. For the crime of trying to defend their own dignity and that of women’s sports in general, the five girls “were suspended from the team and told they would not be allowed to compete in future events,” as the Standing for Freedom Center reported.

The embrace of transgenderism has also led to nonsensical situations like sororities accepting men as members.

Kappa Kappa Gamma, for example, stirred controversy when its chapter at the University of Wyoming decided to accept a man, Artemis Langford, into its ranks. Langford, at 6-foot-2 and 260 pounds, is the size of a defensive lineman, but he is allowed to live with the other girls in the sorority house and share all private spaces, including the open shower stalls. He “allegedly ogled at girls in the Kappa house, asked inappropriate questions about their sex, and told the girls he was still sexually interested in women,” as noted by an article in the Washington Examiner.

This strange turn of events triggered a lawsuit and now an appeal from several understandably outraged sorority members.

In an even darker turn of events, consider the case of “Rose Doe,” a female prisoner in New York’s Rikers Island who says she was “scarred for life” after being sexually harassed and then raped by a “transwoman” — a man claiming to be a woman.

Rose Doe received no justice for the atrocity she was forced to suffer, instead allegedly being punished for even daring to speak up against the trans-identifying man. The rapist himself reportedly got off scot-free.

All of these cases have one thing in common. In each of these cases, whether it was the West Virginia middle school, the national sorority, or the New York prison, a man claiming to be a woman cynically made use of America’s embrace of transgenderism to worm his way into a private space for women so he could find a hunting ground for his sick desires.

It’s ironic that the same movement that embraced “Me Too” — that participated in the attempted takedown of now-Supreme Court Judge Brett Kavanaugh with no real evidence, that insisted we have to “believe all women,” — now stands by silently as the powers that be insist that men must have the sacred right to invade women’s private spaces.

This contradiction showcases how the left has adopted the spirit of the Tower of Babel (Genesis 11:1-9), operating according to pride and in open rebellion to God and united only in its hatred of those who oppose its delusions. And yet some fissures are beginning to appear, as seen in all the vitriol poured out against author J.K. Rowling and other anti-transgenderism feminists for supporting the idea that Y chromosomes cannot be magically changed into an X.

All of the cases mentioned above also demonstrate how transgender ideology can very often serve as a cloak for deeply disturbed, depraved, and evil individuals who are searching for easy prey on which to act out their perversions.

But given the claim of the transgender movement that “gender identity” is utterly sacred and must never be questioned, on what grounds can one contradict a serial rapist who claims to be a woman?

Wouldn’t such a contradiction be deeply “transphobic”?

The answer, terrifyingly, seems to be an unquestioning “yes” — by schools, by courts, by the highest levels of government, and even more absurdly, in some instances, by churches.

Instead of caring for people actually suffering from gender dysphoria and helping them overcome their tragic condition, the left has promoted the poisonous ideology of transgenderism. Their actions hurt the victims of gender dysphoria, and they also create new victims by openly inviting the wolves into the sheep pen.

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