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The American Dream is Pro-Life


A viral video of a young teen couple who took responsibility for their actions provides a powerful testimony about the value of life, the reality of hope, and the existence of redemption even after a “big mistake.”

Social media can be a dumpster fire, no doubt. It’s also a powerful tool for speaking the truth and breaking through the mainstream media’s monopoly on the “approved” national narrative.

Yesterday, I found the proverbial needle in the haystack on social media. A true diamond in the rough.

I found the video on X, but I’m sure it was also all over Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook.

And I must confess, what I witnessed in that video stirred a deep emotional response within me. Either the room was dusty, or I teared up; I’m still unsure exactly what happened.

The 1-minute, 22-second video tells the powerful story of a young couple who face what many consider a “nightmare scenario” — finding out that they are going to be parents at 16 years old.

With simple captions overlaying poignant images and the musical refrain of “Everything Works Out in the End” by the Irish band Kodaline playing in the background, the short clip weaves a narrative of profound transformation and redemption.

It starts out, “Parents at 16? No Way. We’re too young” over a picture of the couple, a boy and a girl. Next, you see two pregnancy tests, both positive, captioned with “Wait, is this really happening?” As the video continues, you witness the amazing story of a young teenage couple as they navigate what appears to be an unplanned and out-of-wedlock pregnancy.

The kids obviously decide to keep the baby. They tell their parents. The young man gets a job. They find out they are having a boy and then show a brief clip of the baby kicking in his mother’s belly.

Then you see the young man propose to the mother of his child, and they get married (before the baby is born)! The girl finishes high school early. They move into his parent’s basement.

You see them holding their newborn son lovingly in the hospital and then a family selfie as the girl “survives postpartum.”

Next thing you know, they are celebrating their son’s first birthday. The young man gets a better job, and they move out of the basement and into their own place.

You see a picture of their first Christmas in their own home as a family. And then they have another kid! One picture during the second pregnancy tells us that they are 19 at this point.

Shortly after their first son’s second birthday, they welcome their second child — another baby boy.

The video ends with a picture of the big brother looking into the crib at his little baby brother, and then a photo of them sitting together with the caption, “Wow, they’re growing up.”

Finally, you see one final picture of the young man and woman, with, “Hey, so are we.”

One of the first profiles to share it on X, Alpha Fox, commented that this was a “Nightmare turned into American dream, it can still be done.”

In our anti-life, anti-family age, the idea of an unplanned and out-of-wedlock pregnancy at only 16 years old can certainly seem like a nightmare.

But there’s more here than just a nightmare turned into the American dream — there is the clear and unmistakable message that what we call the “American dream” is inescapably pro-life.

The fact that these kids chose life when all the loudest voices and most powerful propaganda in America would tell that young woman she should have an abortion instead is simply incredible.

It shows everyone who sees their story that life is a gift, that children are a blessing, not a curse.

From a Christian worldview, there is much to commend from this video and this young couple’s choices overall. But first, we must acknowledge that they did get the order backwards. Having sex outside of marriage is a sin, and that needs to be said. The one flesh union of a man and woman in sex is, by God’s good design, reserved for marriage — and particularly because of its procreative potential!

But what these teenagers did not do is compound one sin, fornication, with another, murder through abortion.

Furthermore, they took responsibility for their actions. She finished school early. He got a job. They got married!

Woven in with the redemptive nature of this story, and the powerful pro-life message, is also a pro-family message. His parents helped them out, providing them a place to live while they got their feet underneath them and navigated the unexpected nature of a teenage pregnancy.

Far from having their lives “ruined” by the gift of a baby boy, they are now married with two kids at the age of 19, with their entire lives in front of them as a family that, at least by what we can see on social media, looks largely stable and very loving.

I don’t know if they are Christians. If not, more than anything else, they need to repent of their sins and believe in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, finding salvation and eternal life. 

But whatever their personal beliefs are, I hope that millions of young kids across America see this video. I hope that they see it as a powerful testimony about the value of life, the reality of hope, and the existence of redemption even after a “big mistake.”

The answer to unplanned pregnancies is never abortion; it is always embracing the gift of new life given by God and adjusting accordingly to welcome that new life into a loving home and family.

Today, we see the younger generations increasingly delaying marriage and having kids. They think they need to get their career going first, have fun before settling down, or date around to find the “perfect match.” Some are even forsaking having kids because of “climate change” or “overpopulation” (which are both myths).

This selfish and anti-family approach to life is not just bad for those who pursue it, it’s bad for our country as a whole.

The American dream of a family of your own, with kids, and a place to call home, full of love, laughter, dirty diapers, and yes, sometimes heartache and trials, is still out there — you just have to reject the progressive programming of our modern society and go after it.

Because this isn’t just the American dream; this is how God made us to live. It’s how God intends for us to thrive, reproduce, and make more image-bearers on His earth to display His glory and spread His Gospel.

Abortion, singleness, hookup culture, and “finding yourself” are all sinful inversions of what God offers to His children in marriage, home, and family.

If America is going to be great again, it must become good again. If it is to become good again, it must find God. It must rediscover the value of life — and the purpose of the family, as instituted by our Creator.

It appears that this one couple, now viral on social media, has found just that. I pray they find Jesus, too.

And I hope that their story, their profoundly pro-life message, reaches millions more.

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