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Survey: Gen Z women are leaving the church in “unprecedented numbers”


Too many women have been manipulated by the lies of radical feminism and LGBT ideology. If pastors and Christian leaders truly want to rescue them and give them real hope, they have to stop pandering and giving touchy-feely sermons and start providing a cold dose of God’s hard truth.

For decades men have been leaving religion more than women and displaying less involvement in their religious community, but a recent survey implies that a new shift is taking place as more Gen Z women are leaving religion than Gen Z men.

A survey of 5,459 adults conducted by the Survey Center for American Life showed a startling reality. While among Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Millennials, the majority of those who disaffiliated from religion are male, 54 percent of those who disaffiliated from religion among Gen Zers were women.

The survey also showed that 65 percent of Gen Z women believe that churches do not treat men and women equally, while 54 percent of men concurred.

Meanwhile, 39 percent of Gen Z women were unaffiliated with any religious group, greater than the 34 percent of Millennials, 23 percent of Gen X, and 14 percent of Baby Boomers.

Surprisingly, fewer Gen Z men were religiously unaffiliated than Millennial men, with 34 percent compared to 37 percent saying they were unaffiliated.

The Survey Center for American Life blamed the change on the rise in feminism and the fact that a high percentage of women either identify as LGBT or have a close friend who identifies as LGBT.

For example, a 2020 Pew Research study found that 61 percent of American women say that “feminist” describes them well, while 68 percent of those ages 18-29 proudly wore the label, higher than any other age range.

The outworking of feminism among young women has led to a shift in the way women think, leading them to reject traditional cultural norms and values at a far greater rate than males. For example, a Pew Research study released in January showed that 72 percent of males ages 18-34 who had never been married hoped to be married one day whereas only 69 percent of females hoped to be married.

The difference was starker when asked about their desires to eventually have children. While 57 percent of males said they wanted to be a parent, only 45 percent of women said they wanted to have children.

A Gallup survey also found that women are far more likely than men to identify as LGBT. Among those surveyed, 8.5 percent of women identified as LGBTQ compared to 4.7 percent of men.

That number drastically increased among Gen Z, as 28.5 percent of Gen Z women said they are LGBTQ, compared to 10.6 percent of Gen Z men.

Another recent Gallup survey shows that Gen Z women identify as liberal at a far higher rate than both Millennial women and Gen Z men. While 25 percent of Gen Z men identify as liberal, 40 percent of Gen Z women identify as liberal.

The survey’s conclusion is right on. Radical feminism, which now embraces intersectionality and critical theory and has amalgamated itself with gender theory, LGBT ideology, and other destructive leftist orthodoxies, has scared and tricked Gen Z women into rejecting anything traditional or biblical.

Young women are daily met with claims that they are oppressed and that their only way out is to “smash the heteronormative patriarchy.” They are taught that men are violent, toxic, and the source of all of their problems. They are taught that the Bible wants them to be silent slaves to husbands and children. They are taught to ally themselves with all other supposedly marginalized groups, including the transgender movement, which has demonstrated numerous times that it has no qualms with running over and even destroying women in pursuing its goal to erase sex distinctions.

Young women’s desire to be free of any differences between men and women and to overthrow any “vestiges of the patriarchy” is leading them to spurn traditional religious communities that teach varying doctrines regarding women and their involvement in religion.

And as the secular culture continues to push women to march further and further left and to reject anything that will “restrict” their right to pursue any activity they want, they will continue to leave religion in greater numbers.

If the Christian Church hopes to stem the tide, it must engage the culture’s lies regarding sex, gender, and progressivism and help women recognize that, within God’s creation and plan, women do have equal value and an equally critical role in their churches, society, and family. No, it is not the same role that men have, but it is no less important.

What pastors and church leaders cannot do, however, is stray from the Bible’s teachings in order to please feminists and their ideology. We have seen denomination after denomination reject the Bible’s teachings in an attempt to make friends with feminists. And just like the feminists, those churches then amalgamate themselves with LGBT doctrines and other left-wing political and philosophical positions. As a result, we now see women pastors referring to God using “inclusive” and “gender-neutral” language and even “she/her” pronouns, as well as embracing all medical and surgical transgender treatments in children; rainbow flags flying above churches that conduct and celebrate same-sex weddings; and the act of abortion being lauded during baby dedications.

When a church rejects the Bible’s teachings on a key doctrine, it stops being a church of Jesus Christ and starts being a tool for evil.

The only way for churches to draw back young women, and also young men, is by speaking hard truth about God’s holiness and His plan for salvation. Today’s generation is lost and flailing in a sea of deception and confusion. They are hungry for someone to tell them what’s happening in our society and why and to offer them hope about the real purpose of life. Churches should not pander to this generation and water down God’s life-giving message.

Instead, they should give young women, and young men, the full Gospel, meaning not just the good news of love and mercy but also the hard truth of sin, judgment, and death. That these young people are not special but are lost sinners like all other human beings and on the road to death and eternal damnation unless they repent and submit their lives to Jesus Christ. That they will never find any meaningful, lasting identity in their gender, their ideology, their politics, their education, or their accomplishments because the only identity that truly matters, that truly saves, is the one that aligns with Jesus and His way. That this life is not about them and their plans but about God and His plans. That if they want to have joy and purpose, they need to die to their selfishness and turn their lives and will over to God. That they must get smaller and allow God to get bigger.

Yes, churches should be loving, they should be compassionate, and they should recognize that these young women (and men) have been manipulated by a radical, false ideological movement that pretends to care about them but will turn on them and destroy them if they ever question or dissent in any way.

But churches shouldn’t pander. They shouldn’t virtue signal. They shouldn’t placate. They shouldn’t give touchy-feely sermons designed to make people feel good about themselves and more important than God.

All they need to do, all they should do, is plainly and boldly speak God’s truth and show God’s love and character. Because that is the only solution, the only way, to get today’s generation to realize their desperate need for Jesus and His redemption and come back to the church — this time to stay.

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