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The Texas Rangers Stood Up to Wokeness and Won the 2023 World Series


The Rangers were the only MLB team that refused to host an LGBT Pride Night and allowed their Christian players to publicly express their faith.

The Texas Rangers have won the 2023 World Series, their first in franchise history. They clinched the title with a thrilling 5-0 victory over the Arizona Diamondbacks in Game 5. The Rangers’ victory was marked by a gutsy performance from starter Nathan Eovaldi and late-inning heroics from their batters. The team went an unprecedented 11-0 while playing on the road in the post-season.

The Rangers’ victory is also notable because they are the only team in Major League Baseball (MLB) that did not host an LGBTQIA+ (never forget what the “+” stands for) Pride Night. The Rangers have stated that their commitment is to make everyone feel welcome and included at all games — including Christians.

The Daily Signal put it well: “A total of 29 out of 30 MLB teams have hosted a Pride Night, but the Rangers’ refusal to give in to the pressure is a ‘courageous stand against the tsunami of corporate wokeness,’ The Washington Stand’s Joshua Arnold wrote last year.”

In fact, some of their stars and coaches were even spotted wearing “Jesus Won” t-shirts during the playoffs. One of those was third-case coach Tony Beasley, an alumnus of Liberty University who actually served as interim manager for the team’s final 48 games in 2022. Beasley, who “boldly shares his faith out on a daily basis,” wore his “Jesus Won” t-shirt when he was interviewed on the MLB Network’s pregame show before Game 3 of the World Series against the Diamondbacks.

Ranger rookie Evan Carter was the first to sport a “Jesus Won” t-shirt when he wore it for a press conference on his first day playing for the Texas Rangers. As Focus on the Family’s Daily Citizen reported, Carter, 21, made his MLB debut less than two months ago, hinting at the glory soon to come by hitting a single in his first at-bat, making it on base a second time with a walk, and then stealing a base.

“Sitting in the dugout with a gaggle of reporters prior to his debut, Carter began by saying, ‘I’m grateful. I thank God for this opportunity.’

Later on during the game, Carter’s wife, Kaylan, whom he met in the sixth grade and married just last year, told a television reporter, ‘All the glory to God. Without Him we wouldn’t be here.’

Evan Carter’s dugout interview made news for another reason. Sitting on the bench following batting practice, the rookie centerfielder was wearing a blue t-shirt with white and red lettering featuring the phrase, ‘JESUS WON,’ emblazoned across its front.

It’s encouraging to see a young athlete use his new platform to communicate a message that goes well beyond the mere particulars or dynamics of the game — even though the Rangers are currently in second place in the American League West division, as well as competing for a wild card slot in the playoffs.”

Ryan Helfenbein, executive director of the Freedom Center, noted:

“The Rangers WS win has come to represent even more this season with all the woke, alphabet nonsense in sports.

They didn’t win to repudiate Wokeism, they won because they focused on baseball and even allowed key players to express their faith in Christ publicly.

Unlike the Denver Broncos trying to awkwardly censor Tim Tebow in the 2012 playoffs, the Rangers organization honored their most vocal players and the World Series win tells us all we need to know.”

As Christians living through one of the most secular and pagan eras in American history, it’s encouraging to see bold young men — and even entire teams — refuse to bend their knee to the false, rainbow-colored idols of our day.

Let’s consider a little more about the circumstances and facts surrounding the Rangers’ World Series victory.

A Historic Victory

The Texas Rangers’ journey to this momentous victory has been nothing short of extraordinary. The team went an astonishing 11-0 on the road during the 2023 postseason, setting the longest road-winning streak in franchise history.

This achievement is a testament to their resilience, determination, and exceptional teamwork.

Standout Performances

The final game of the series saw some remarkable performances from the Rangers. Righty Josh Sborz, who had a 5.50 ERA during the regular season and a 0.75 ERA during the postseason, recorded the 27th and final out with a called strike three against Ketel Marte.

Nathan Eovaldi also put up a strong fight as the Rangers looked to close out the World Series. Meanwhile, Marcus Semien’s two-run homer served as an exclamation point, blowing the game open with a four-run 9th inning.

A Winning Legacy

With this win, Rangers skipper Bruce Bochy has joined an elite group of managers. Bochy became the sixth manager to win four World Series championships, joining Casey Stengel (with seven wins), Joe McCarthy (seven), Connie Mack (five), Walter Alston (four), and Joe Torre (four). All five men are in the Baseball Hall of Fame, and Bochy is sure to join them one day in Cooperstown.

Looking Ahead

As we celebrate this historic victory, we also look forward to what lies ahead for the Texas Rangers. With their first World Series title under their belt, the team has set a new standard for themselves.

This standard now includes refusing to accommodate the sexual immorality of the LGBT agenda in America. The phrase “Go woke, go broke” comes to mind here. Inversely, we could consider how “Stand strong, and win the World Series” seems appropriate.

Conservative commentator Robby Starbuck didn’t mince words in his celebration, writing, “Literally the only team in baseball that doesn’t have a pride night just won the World Series in the season where the Dodgers had a pride night honoring drag queens that mock Jesus. That’s some poetic justice. Congrats to the Texas Rangers!”

Congrats to the Texas Rangers indeed. The coming seasons will undoubtedly be exciting as we watch this talented team continue to grow, strive for excellence, and remain true to their pro-American and Christian-friendly commitments. Let’s pray that they persist in standing strong, as no doubt the pressure to fold before the false gods of our culture will only increase.

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