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The Modern American Woman: A Story of False Liberation


Liberation can never come from embracing and worshipping yourself but only by embracing and worshipping the One who grants the only liberation that matters: liberation from sin and death.

It is no coincidence that when you Google the word “liberation,” the first dictionary response supports the definition with this example: “the struggle for women’s liberation.”

Now, that’s hardly the only use of the word, of course. “Liberation” can, for example, also be used to accurately describe the story of America, one filled with struggle and strife but also of promise and reward. Great men and women sacrificed their own lives and security to ensure the protection and liberation of others, including those of this generation.

And yet the media thinks that the only way to achieve true “liberation” is to scream louder every day for women to have the “right” to murder their unborn babies, engage in hook-up culture and pornography, and demolish their bodies as they “try” to become men. In a country where freedom rings on every street corner, why have we abandoned dignity and embraced perversion under the guise of women’s rights?

The Historical Oppression of Women

Before Christ’s ministry and the birth of the early Church, women in Greco-Roman society lived under a low socioeconomic status unfamiliar to women in America today. The Greek wife was equated with no more privilege than that of a slave and was kept by her spouse under lock and key. Early Greek writings have revealed that in Athenian culture, boys were allowed to receive an education while girls were not permitted to read, write, or engage in learning of any form.

The Roman Empire treated women no better than the Greeks, operating under the institution of patria potestas (power of the father). This common practice under law gave men absolute control over the life and death of their wife, children, and slaves. Women were forbidden from speaking in public and were often restricted to the privacy of the home, completely isolated from public, with no say in religious matters.

Because women were seen as lesser than men, they were not desirable as descendants in Roman society. When a woman gave birth to a girl, it was legal for the baby to be drowned, tossed off a cliff, or simply abandoned —which happened more often than not.

Christianity Restores Dignity to Women

When Jesus’s earthly ministry ended around 36 A.D., women started being widely recognized as members and even leaders in the early Church. The Apostle Paul encouraged Christian men to “…love your wives, and do not be harsh with them,” an idea contrary to the social mores of the day (Colossians 3:19). Women had found freedom in the words and teachings of Christ, and this value placed on women was adopted by Christian husbands across the ancient Mediterranean world.

As the Church continued to grow, women began to outnumber men and became essential in spreading the Gospel to their homes and beyond. That has not stopped. Women today still make up the majority of the Church, as their service to the Lord continues to help carry Christianity across the globe.

Out with the Old, In with the New

Fast forward to World War II, though, and the world began to see a different kind of woman emerge onto the stage of American society. As men were called off to serve their country, many women stepped up and began working in factories across the country to aid the American homefront. While we remain thankful for the sacrifice of these women, their actions activated a shift within the family as women became aware of what it was like to work outside of the home and in the public square.

By the 1960s, these hardworking women willing to sacrifice for a greater cause had been forgotten by the younger generation, and instead their footsteps were filled with a new class of man-blaming, self-worshipping feminists whose hearts were set upon what they saw to be liberation from the “patriarchy.” Women being granted the right to vote or even to work outside the home wasn’t enough anymore. They began to push for a more radical agenda, focused on destroying the role of the male in order to uplift the role of the female. Over time, the radical feminist movement morphed into the Sexual Revolution of the 60s and 70s, as freedom gained definition through the mere sexuality of the female. But was this actually successful?

Clearly, the answer is no. Womanhood no longer celebrates the role of the mother and wife who serves her family through the joy of homemaking and support for her family, community, and church, but rather looks like screaming and protesting for the right to kill the beautiful gift of life growing inside their womb and to serve their own wants and needs.

Feminists demand injustice to their unborn children as compensation for the injustice done to them, while at the same time protesting for the right to exploit their bodies whenever and with whomever they choose. With the push to destroy the patriarchy, they have traded the fulfillment found in biblical marriage for a worldly lust that devalues the family and seeks the next fling to compensate for their true desire for loving, committed companionship — not to mention all the medications and procedures that have been pushed to “allow” a woman to take back control of her own body but have ultimately damaged the proper functioning of the female anatomy.

And to top it all off, the 21st century has brought about an unprecedented historical push for transgender-identifying biological men to be accepted and celebrated as “women,” with many radical feminists themselves backing the delusion. Now to experience a full 365 days of womanhood, you actually have to be man. Yes, you heard that right, a man.

The One Way to True Liberation

So, is this what “liberation” looks like? After thousands of years of Christian-inspired progress in the fight for a woman’s right to think for herself, to be honored and respected by her husband, to have and keep all of her children (even the female ones), and to have a public voice, we have instead landed here, living in a society that teaches women that embracing our femininity and our freedom means destroying and exploiting our bodies, murdering our children, sleeping around, and defending a man’s right to paint a delusion about the very essence of the female existence.

Let me be clear: When I say that as a Christian woman I refuse to embrace the pride of being a modern “liberated” American woman, what I mean is that I refuse to stand on the principles of a Marxist-based movement that seeks to destroy my role in God’s perfect design in order to rewrite the story of humanity.

Ladies, they have tried to convince us, ad nauseum, that weak men fear strong women, but the truth is that weak women fear strong men. So while radical feminists fly a rainbow flag and seek to celebrate the destruction of womanhood, we must stand instead on His promise: The biblical promise of the true rainbow that demonstrates how God in His grace has chosen not to release His wrath upon sinners but has instead called us to repentance and salvation.

That’s because liberation can never come from embracing and worshipping yourself but from embracing and worshipping the One who grants the only liberation that matters: liberation from sin and death. And that will never be achieved through an angry, destructive movement like feminism or gender ideology. It comes only through the truth of Jesus Christ and His saving work on the Cross.

As the body of Christ, may we faithfully pray every day that women across the country will be freed from the lies of this world and take heart in God’s provision and promise that they have been created by Him as part of His plan and for His glory.

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