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New Pro-Life Diaper Company Celebrates that Every Baby is a ‘Miracle from God’


“This is great news for moms like me who want to make sure their dollars aren’t enabling the slaughter of preborn babies or funding the promotion of radical, degenerate, and anti-Christian ideologies.”


When Target announced their latest Pride products earlier this spring, there was an outburst of protest by concerned parents — and for good reason. Following the retail giant’s decision in 2022 to add “chest binders” and “packing underwear” for girls to their inventory, the retail giant in 2023 began pushing even harder, adding LGBT clothing for infants and children, “tuck-friendly” swimwear for boys and men, and merchandise from a company which sells satanic and occult-themed LGBT apparel.

For many loyal Target shoppers, including myself, this latest move was the final straw.

For too long, I made excuses for continuing to shop at Target, partly because it was a fun pastime, but mostly because my favorite brand of baby diapers, Millie Moon, was sold there. I couldn’t get them anywhere else. But after Target’s most recent move to force sexual degeneracy on children in their stores, I made the personal decision to stop shopping there altogether — even for the diapers.

But in my search for alternative diaper brands that share my values, I found very few options:

Honest supports the Marxist, anti-family Black Lives Matter.

Huggies has ties to abortion provider Planned Parenthood.

Pampers helped raise money for LGBTQ causes.

Hello Bello supports the LGBTQ agenda and, along with Coterie, pays for their employees to have abortions.

DYPER touts on its Instagram page that diapers that are “made for all” in honor of Pride month. Procter & Gamble, which owns Luvs, Pampers, Charlie Banana, and All Good, pays for their employees to have abortions.

The list goes on.

Needless to say, it’s really hard for a Christian or conservative mom who wants to vote with her pocketbook to do so when almost every diaper company funds or supports something that stands in strong opposition to her values.

Not anymore. EveryLife, a new pro-life premium diaper brand, affirms that every baby is a “gift from above that deserves to be loved, protected and celebrated — every single day.”

The company, a subsidiary of PublicSq, a new conservative, pro-life marketplace competing against Amazon, officially launched on July 13, and its first products are diapers and wipes. This is great news for moms like me who want to make sure their dollars aren’t enabling the slaughter of preborn babies or funding the promotion of radical, degenerate, anti-Christian ideologies.

Even more encouraging, EveryLife was created by a group of parents who chose life for their babies, even in difficult circumstances, along with pro-life advocates who help struggling moms and dads through pregnancy resource centers. Before creating EveryLife, these founders came to the same conclusion I have: Hardly any diaper brands actually support our values.

In a recent TikTok video put out by Save the Storks, a mom walks through the diaper aisle of Target, pointing out that Pampers, Huggies, Luvs, and Honest all support Planned Parenthood. EveryLife, she notes, is “changing the diaper game.”

Last week, the company released its first ad, and as you would expect, it blew up online.

“While so many companies are promoting what is wrong, we choose to celebrate what is right,” the ad says. “Life. Every miracle from God. Boy or girl. Black, tan, and white. Planned and unplanned. Gifted and special.”

The ad depicts one mother hearing the heartbeat of her preborn baby for the first time and another holding her crying newborn. It shows one dad preparing a crib for his baby and another holding his daughter on his hip while he brushes his teeth. Not only does the ad support life, but it also advocates for nuclear family values.

“Shift your dollars to the high-performing, supremely soft, affordable diapers and wipes that protect and celebrate every miraculous life,” the ad continues. “Change your diapers. And help us change lives.”

Among those who have already endorsed EveryLife diapers is Bethany Hamilton, the Christian athlete who lost her arm in a shark attack and whose inspiring story was told in the movie “Soul Surfer.” She recently tweeted out a video of her using the diapers on her new baby, explaining, “Having children has made me to be intentional in all areas of my life. Choosing who and what we support day to day sends a message and matters. So with all the diapers our family uses, it makes sense to support a company that upholds the values that I cherish and that is why we now use @everylife.

On EveryLife’s website, the founders articulate their concerns about alternative diaper companies — a sentiment that resonates with conservative parents.

“We were tired of supporting companies that don’t understand or respect us, tired of having agendas pushed on us and our youth, and tired of watching millions of innocent gifts from above be wiped away under the guise of equity,” the website states.

The founders of EveryLife said their goal wasn’t just to add another high-quality baby product to the market but to foster a community that “provides our moms and dads with resources, dialogue, information and products that share the joy, the importance and the path to being an excellent parent.”

EveryLife has partnered with Save the Storks and Live Action to help families in need as part of their pro-life mission. They also offer a “Buy for a Cause” program that gives people the opportunity to donate a month’s supply of diapers and wipes to struggling families.

So parents, in your venture to vote with your dollar, you can now mark diapers off your list. By purchasing diapers from EveryLife, you can sleep comfortably knowing that you aren’t inadvertently funding Planned Parenthood and paying a diaper company that hates your baby.

EveryLife diapers allow you to outfit your baby with soft, high-quality diapers that keep him or her dry and happy, divest from woke diaper companies, and support a worthy company that actually cares about your baby and your values. It’s a win, win, win!

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