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AMC Theatres cancels showing of detransitioner documentary after attacks from radical transgender group


“As is so evident to anyone who makes the effort to look outside of their own bubble, we clearly see that most of the popular media has abandoned almost all sense of truth and objectivity in favor of the ideology du jour, or some another agenda.”


AMC Theatres became the latest to cave to the LGBTQ mob when it cancelled a scheduled documentary featuring detransitioners discussing the harms they experienced from so-called “gender affirmation” drugs and surgeries.

Quick Facts

The film, called “No Way Back: The Reality of Gender Affirming Care,” was supposed to be released in AMC Theatres on June 21, before a pressure campaign by the Queer Trans Project led AMC executives to pull the movie. The pro-transgender group labeled the movie “anti-trans,” alleging that it “perpetuates harmful misinformation.”

The Queer Trans Project says it is a “black-led and trans-led organization on a mission to provide gender-empowering resources to LGBTQ+ individuals all across the world so that they have the power and confidence to create social change in their communities.” The organization sends “build-a-queer” kits to youth which include sex objects, chest binders, makeup, and other items.

“No Way Back” is a film that features accounts from six detransitioners and “twelve leading experts” who have experience treating patients with gender dysphoria. The 90-minute documentary also highlights the findings of 45 peer-reviewed medical and journal articles.

The film’s synopsis explains of the six people profiled:

“Without diagnostic clarity or mental health evaluations, their doctors quickly affirmed them as ‘transgender,’ and mindlessly ushered them along the path of medical transition: so called ‘gender-affirming care’ — the only treatment recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics.  These young people were harmed — injected with powerful compounds and surgically altered; irrevocably changed and turned into lifelong pharmaceutical customers by the doctors they trusted.”

The documentary was made by Deplorable Films, which describes itself as “pro FACT and pro REASON,” adding, “As is so evident to anyone who makes the effort to look outside of their own bubble, we clearly see that most of the popular media has abandoned almost all sense of truth and objectivity in favor of the ideology du jour, or some another agenda. That fact poses a truly existential threat to liberal (free) societies everywhere.”

Those behind Deplorable Films describe themselves as liberals who are “as suspicious and critical of the far right as we are of the far left.”

Vera Linder, who produced the documentary, says that she and the director are both pro-gay and have gay children; in fact, Linder said the film was made to support gays. Linder said part of why she made the film was because she is “extremely concerned about ‘transing the gay away.’”

She also said she wanted to give detransitioners the opportunity to say what had been done to them and to “reveal the vulnerable cohorts — neurodivergent youth (on the spectrum, with OCD, ADHD), traumatized youth, people with mental illnesses and personality disorders (e.g., borderline personality disorder) — and why they are particularly susceptible to accepting a trans identity as a way of escaping their minds and their bodies.”

One of the detransitioners profiled in the film, Abel, a 26-year old man, spoke to the Daily Wire about his experience. “I would tell anyone who wants to transition…that the transition will not save them. It would actually destroy their lives. Actually, take a step back and think about this for a while. And even if that is what they think they want—the actual negative side effects, nobody will tell you.”

It’s good that more people are speaking out against the surgical and medical mutilation of children and young adults, but one takeaway from this particular story is the nature of both censorship and the slippery slope. Being a leftist or an ally to the radical leftist movement will not save you. In the past, many progressives have tolerated the censorship of those on the right, even using ad-hominem attacks such as “racist,” “homophobe,” “sexist,” “fascist,” or “far-right” to discredit their views. Yet now many who likely cheered when conservatives were attacked and silenced are horrified to find themselves on the receiving end of such treatment by the new radicals.

Progressive feminists are ahead of the curve with this. They saw themselves as liberal and open-minded when pushing the envelope during the sexual revolution, but now find themselves viciously attacked and derided as “TERFs” (trans-exclusionary radical feminists) for wanting to keep men out of women’s locker rooms, prisons, and sports competitions. Those who supported homosexual marriage once likely thought their leftist bona fides provided them lifetime protection, yet now anyone who supports the “LGB” but not the “T” finds themselves blacklisted for being a transphobic bigot.

At the root of the censorship issue is the secular left’s never-ending march to deceive and dominate, but sin is the cause of the slippery slope. And what we see happening now is the result of the rejection of God and His Word as the authority in our lives. When you decide there is no God, that everything came from nothing, or that there is no moral reason not to engage in any behavior you wish, then there is nothing to stop man from devolving into ever-increasing delusion and debauchery.

Christian apologist C.S. Lewis predicted the future we are now living in his book The Abolition of Man. In it, he discussed what rejecting an objective standard of morality and obligation (which he labeled as “the Tao”) would do to humanity. He predicted that one day there would come a group of people known as the Conditioners, who would shape mankind into whatever they wished. Lewis wrote:

“We have been trying, like Lear, to have it both ways: to lay down our human prerogative and yet at the same time to retain it. It is impossible. Either we are rational spirit obliged forever to obey the absolute values of the Tau, or else we are mere nature to be kneaded and cut into new shapes for the pleasures of masters who must, by hypothesis, have no motive but their own ‘natural’ impulses. Only the Tao provides a common human law of action which can overarch rulers and ruled alike. A dogmatic belief in objective value is necessary to the very idea of a rule which is not tyranny or an obedience which is not slavery.”

What the feminist or the pro-gay person does not grasp is that when they threw off what they perceived as the “constraints” of God’s Word and tried to erase the natural created order, they paved the way for the transgender movement, which now aims to erase them. Rejection of what God says about biological reality and sex has now led to its perversion and ultimately to its demise.

As Galatians 5:9 states, “A little leaven leavens the whole lump of dough.”

For feminists and those who are pro-gay who think they can somehow speak the truth and remain in the good graces of the radical left, they are sadly mistaken. There will no forgiveness, because to be tolerated at all, you must be all in on the delusion. There is room for nothing else. As they see those who they once believed were friends turning on them, let us pray that these lost souls recognize that their only hope can be found in turning to Christ. There is no greater friend than Jesus, who gladly forgives all who repent of their sins and follow Him.

As for the rest of us, we must continue to stand, immovable (1 Corinthians 15:58), on the truth of God’s Word and never, ever let in even a pinch of the leaven.

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