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The Feminist Movement is Pro-Patriarchy. Here’s Proof.


“In the feminist movement’s efforts to ‘dismantle the patriarchy,’ they have actually glorified and created the kind of weak men who represent the toxic masculinity they claim to be against. Their efforts have done nothing but degrade women, destroy families, and emasculate men.”


Don’t let the term “feminist” fool you. Since at least the 1960s, self-proclaimed feminists have been more pro-patriarchy than Christians. I’m serious!

The patriarchy, as pink hat-wearing man-haters would define it, is full of toxic masculinity. It’s full of selfish, weak men who want to oppress women, and, thanks to the hard work of feminists, they can and do.

Take a look at the last few waves of feminism. Men have grown more toxic, more selfish, and more weak than they were just a few years ago. And, come to think of it, women have become more selfish, more depressed, and more insane than they were just a few years ago.

You can thank feminists for that. They’re the most pro-men, anti-women group out there — so much so, they want men to become women, too!

This isn’t a new phenomenon, of course. This has been going on since the inception of the feminist movement. From women joining the workforce to the sexual revolution to whatever the heck the feminist movement is today, one thing has been consistent: Feminists want men to thrive. Let’s start with women joining the workforce, shall we?

“Stop being oppressed by your husband in your home and climb the corporate ladder,” they said, as they left their families to be subservient to male CEOs instead. Feminists believed it would have been much more fulfilling to submit to their bosses than it would have been to submit to their husbands. 1960s feminists, of course, hid behind the veil of being “anti-man,” to the point that they left their sons to be raised by strangers and their husbands to fend for himself.

While their families were at home, suffering from the lack of care and order a good wife otherwise would have provided, feminist women helped men climb the corporate ladder, serving as their secretaries and assistants, offering them all the help they needed to receive their promotions in the name of “freeing themselves from a patriarchal society.”

Thanks to feminists, men have been supported by women for decades to grow in their innovation, their business dealings, and in their professionalism.

Come to think of it, who needs a husband anyway? Feminists unlocked the key to happiness when they began their venture, and, surprisingly, it doesn’t involve marriage. Getting into thousands of dollars of debt from student loans, obtaining a job that hardly utilizes the degree the loans paid for, spending decades climbing the corporate ladder, chasing promotions, and, of course, doing whatever your male boss tells you to — only to end up with no children, no husband, a cat, and a wine bottle —well, that’s a “utopia” only the most radical feminists could dream of. But it didn’t stop there.

The next wave of feminism brought the sexual revolution, and this is really where feminists were able to extend their favor on men outside of the workforce. Feminists forever changed the dating scene for men with their emphasis on sexual liberation. With the birth control pill on the market, women could satisfy the sexual pleasures of men without consequence. Gone were the days when a man had to court a woman, meet her mother and father, prove his character and worthiness, open doors, and pay for dates — before she would agree to marry him and provide him with all the benefits that come with that lifelong commitment.

With feminism, men could go into a bar and find any girl who was willing to sleep with them. (And, because of birth control, there were always girls willing to sleep with them.) Feminists and their toxic men didn’t have to worry about getting pregnant or thinking about serious matters like marriage. Thanks to feminism, the extent of the relationship could be a one-night stand if they wanted it to be. Even though the birth control pill causes depression in women, increases risk of cancer, creates fertility problems, and depletes the body of essential vitamins and minerals, it’s a sacrifice feminists are willing to take if it means giving men free sex without consequences.

And if there are consequences (you know, like getting pregnant), abortion is another way feminists have offered to rid men of their responsibilities. Because of feminism, men have been free to sleep around with whoever they want to as often as they want to. If two pink lines show up on a ClearBlue stick, not to worry. Feminists have the solution.

If the man they are sleeping with isn’t ready to be a father or won’t pay child support, feminists can just murder their baby. If a company won’t give a woman enough time off for maternity leave, she can just murder her baby to reaffirm her dedication to the men she works for. And, tragically, if a woman is raped, feminists are really good about giving a male rapist the means to hide their evidence through abortion.

Feminists are so passionate about having an abortion to rid men of their responsibilities in becoming a father, that they are willing to suffer physically and emotionally for the rest of their lives. Hemorrhaging and excessive bleeding, excruciating pain, life-threatening infections, internal damage, fertility problems, complications in future pregnancies, depression, anxiety, PTSD, guilt, and lifelong regret are all just a small price to pay if it means safeguarding men against their culpability in conceiving children.

In the latest move by feminists, they have welcomed men into the most sacred and preserved spheres of influence for women. Men can grow their hair out, paint their faces, don high heels, and profess to be a woman and suddenly they are eligible to compete against women in female-only sports events. And not only can men compete, but they can guarantee themselves a winning title and a few records for the history books. It’s so sweet of feminists to help them out like that.

Thanks to feminists, men can use women’s locker rooms and bathrooms. They can undress in front of and expose themselves to women without fear of being investigated for flashing or sexual assault. Little girls must share public school bathrooms with hormone-raging little boys. If a school-aged boy wears a skirt, he can enter the girls’ bathroom at school, sexually assault a female classmate, and the police will restrain the girl’s father instead of him. Male criminals can choose whether or not they want to be in a men’s or women’s prison, and, because feminists are actually anti-woman, they won’t dare criticize the male prisoners who are raping and impregnating female inmates. After all, these male inmates are actually women. How do we know? Well, they say so, of course. Believe all women, right?

And let’s not forget how much feminists want children to further the patriarchy, too. Feminists support the patriarchy with such fervor that they are willing to provide little girls with hormone blockers and testosterone shots to help them become more like the toxic men they pretend to hate. They help little boys receive chemical castrations so that they can grow up to become caricatures of women, to mock femininity, and to claim to be authorities on womanhood.

It’s taken over 50 years to achieve their goal, but I think feminists overall have been wildly successful in demeaning women and uplifting men, don’t you think?

Yes, this is satire, yes, it’s ridiculous, and yes, that’s the point.

The feminist movement has done nothing but mass produce effeminate, weak, and selfish men who will stand around and film a woman getting attacked on the street before they will step in to defend her. In the feminist movement’s efforts to “dismantle the patriarchy,” they have actually glorified and created the kind of weak men who represent the toxic masculinity they claim to be against. Their efforts have done nothing but degrade women, destroy families, and emasculate men.

Strong, masculine men with values and Christian principles actually lead to a more stable society for both men and women, and they have for all of human history. Strong men create an environment where women can feel safe, wanted, cared for, and valued. Strong men, godly men, are humble, not arrogant; controlled, not impulsive; protective, not passive. They are providers, not takers, and they are leaders, not followers.

Similarly, strong women, godly women, are meek, not overbearing; gentle, not abrasive; submissive, not controlling; beautiful, not obscene; nurturing, not neglectful.

The feminist movement is simply the result of sin. It is the curse of Eve in Genesis 3:16, “Your desire shall be contrary to your husband, but he shall rule over you.”

Sinful women have always longed to rule over men in the home and outside of it, but God’s design will not allow for it. In any attempt to “be contrary,” men and women will always suffer, and the clearest example of that is the feminist movement.

As the Church, we should pray that God would have mercy on these women who are so deceived by the lie that they can rule over men. As women have started waking up to the reality that feminism is not all it’s cracked up to be, pray that God will restore families back to His design, that He will draw women back to the home, that He will restore in men a desire to work hard and provide, and that He will have mercy on the children who have fallen victim to the selfishness that feminism has unfairly imposed on them.

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