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Brave New Disney World: The Most Tragic Place on Earth


“The ‘sex’ was not the main point of the sexual revolution after all — it was changing society. And that starts by changing our children. By sexualizing the revolutionaries. By grooming our kids through what we now know is their ‘not-at-all-secret gay agenda.’”


The most magical place on earth is now one of the most messed-up stories of 2022. The Wonderful World of Disney has nigh-on completed its public transformation into the Woke World of Disney, spiraling down the rabbit hole of increasingly aggressive activism and landing on the bleeding edge of the LGBTQIA+ agenda — family-friendly bona fides be damned. If you listen closely, you can hear the humming coming from Forest Lawn Memorial Park Cemetery in Los Angeles, California, as Walt Disney spins ever faster in his final resting place.

At the center of this drama, like all others, is a villain and a victim: in this case, sex and children. Even typing those two words together makes me squirm, but that’s where we are in our cultural revolution. This is, in fact, where the revolutionaries were always headed. I guess many of us just didn’t expect it to be Mickey Mouse at the head of the elementary school pride parade. The revelation of Disney’s sexual ethics and their true disposition towards children — their main constituency — is truly horrifying. In short, their sexual ethic is “anything goes” and their view towards children and sex is “the sooner the better.” As Dr. Al Mohler, president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, recently wrote, “If you are not seriously creeped out by now, God help you.” 

A Mouse House of Horrors

And what a creepy saga it’s been. First, Disney CEO Bob Chapek got taken hostage by a presumably small but violently vocal minority of employees who demanded that Disney “Do more!” to stop the passage of Florida’s Parental Rights in Education legislation. This bill, dubbed the “Don’t Say Gay” bill by LGBTQ activists, simply prevents teachers from discussing sexual orientation and gender identity, and other age-inappropriate topics, with children from kindergarten through third grade. The fact that this makes Disney employees angry is what the kids call “telling on yourself.”

After his initial transgression, Chapek immediately began paying penance. He demanded a meeting with Gov. Ron DeSantis to express his concerns about the bill. Disney donated $5 million to the notorious Human Rights Campaign. And when the law was finally enacted, Disney released a statement, arguing that “Florida’s HB 1557, also known as the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill, should never have passed and should never have been signed into law” and pledging that, “Our goal as a company is for this law to be repealed by the legislature or struck down in the courts, and we remain committed to supporting the national and state organizations working to achieve that.” In case you had any lingering questions about the goal of Disney’s corporate activism, doubt no more: They are entirely committed to grooming your kids.

The coup de grâce of this corporate debasement, of course, came in the form of a series of leaked videos shared by investigative journalist Chris Rufo, a fellow at the Manhattan Institute and writer for the City Journal. The videos were taken during an “all hands” meeting held in response to the Parental Rights bill. Under the pretense of privacy, the character masks came off. 

First, we had Karey Burke, president of Disney’s general entertainment content, speaking “as the mother [of] one transgender child and one pansexual child,” who supports having “many, many, many LGBTQIA characters in our stories” and wants “a minimum of 50 percent of characters to be LGBTQIA and racial minorities.” Next, we witnessed executive producer Latoya Raveneau boasting that her “team has implemented a ‘not-at-all-secret gay agenda’ and is regularly ‘adding queerness’ to children’s programming.” There are more videos (hard to say if they are worse) that you can watch here and here.

The record of these revelations can be a lot to process. Disney used to be synonymous with childhood innocence — not childhood corruption. But the bottom line from all of it is this: Disney is coming for your kids. They want to socially engineer them, either in the classroom or through their content, into sexually-awakened LGBTQIA+ affirming and/or practicing automatons. 

It’s as if Mickey Mouse took a page from the playbook of Mustapha Mond in Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World

Condition the Youth, Rule the World

In Huxley’s novel, the sexualization of children is, in many ways, the cornerstone of how the “World State” exercises its total control. Set 600 years in the future, Huxley envisions a society in which humans are grown in test tubes, families don’t exist, and individuality is all-but-forbidden, outside of the pre-set and chemically-engineered caste systems. The catchphrase is, after all, “Everyone belongs to everyone else.” 

In this dystopian future, control isn’t secured by a 1984-esque Big Brother-style sinister surveillance state which changes history on the fly and violently tortures dissenters. No, in Brave New World the World State achieves its goals of “Community. Identity. Stability.” through the creature comforts of sex (essentially on-demand and in regular rituals called “orgy-porgy”) and sedation (through regular doses of a drug called “soma”). 

In the opening scene of the book, which spans the first few chapters, a new class of students is being given a tour through the “Central London Hatchery and Conditioning Centre” by the Director of Hatcheries and Conditioning (D.H.C.). Here, at the Hatchery, humans are now grown — natural birth is an ugly thing of the past. 

After working their way through the earliest stages of growth and conditioning, the group steps outside into what can only be described as a daytime nightmare in action — playing out across a sunlit playground. Huxley writes, 

Outside, in the garden, it was playtime. Naked in the warm June sunshine, six or seven hundred little boys and girls were running with shrill yells over the lawns, playing ball games, or squatting silently in twos and threes among the flowering shrubs. The roses were in bloom, two nightingales soliloquized in the boscage, a cuckoo was just going out of tune among the lime trees. The air was drowsy with the murmur of bees and helicopters.”

You might have missed the relevant word there: naked. These kids are playing naked. As they move past a group playing a rather conventional game, the scene takes a stomach-churning turn. 

“‘That’s a charming little group,’ he said, pointing. In a little grassy bay between tall clumps of Mediterranean heather, two children, a little boy of about seven and a little girl who might have been a year older, were playing, very gravely and with all the focused attention of scientists intent on a labor of discovery, a rudimentary sexual game.”

Two young children, naked, outside, engaging each other in a “sexual game.” To the D.H.C. it’s just “charming.” For anyone who hasn’t been brainwashed by the conditioning of the World State, it’s sickening. 

The scene amazingly manages to get worse. It’s not just that the children are nude or that they are engaging in “rudimentary sexual games” or that such behavior is encouraged. It’s that such behavior is expected

From a neighboring shrubbery emerged a nurse, leading by the hand a small boy, who howled as he went. An anxious-looking little girl trotted at her heels. ‘What’s the matter?’ asked the Director. The nurse shrugged her shoulders. ‘Nothing much,’ she answered. ‘It’s just that this little boy seems rather reluctant to join in the ordinary erotic play. I’d noticed it once or twice before. And now again today. He started yelling just now . . .And so,’ she went on, turning back to the Director, ‘I’m taking him in to see the Assistant Superintendent of Psychology. Just to see if anything’s at all abnormal.’”

Grooming Kids and Growing Revolutionaries

This paragraph in particular reminds me of the Disney disaster — both in their advocacy and their admissions. The little boy doesn’t want to engage in the “erotic play” so something must be wrong with him. All he needs is a quick trip to see the shrink, some re-conditioning, and he will back to the fun momentarily. In other words, this deviance isn’t an internal desire, it’s something being bred into the young boy, programmed, and forced upon him.

Just like how if a mother, say Karey Burke from Disney, claims she has two queer children, one a transexual and one a pansexual. Do we really think her children are choosing that sort of sexual expression for themselves? Or is Karey — and Disney’s programming as a whole — serving as a real-world manifestation of the Assistant Superintendent of Psychology from Huxley’s nightmare, conditioning children to embrace sexuality far before they are ready? Far before anything normal in a civilized society? I’ve heard it said that transgender children are like vegan pets — we all know who is really making the decisions here. 

Candidly, there is no reason whatsoever why a second-grade teacher should ever be talking about sexual orientation with his or her young students. No good one, at least. There is no reason whatsoever why Disney should want to expose a nation’s youth to an ever-increasing cast of sexually transgressive characters manifesting the rainbow array of the LGBTQIA+ agenda — unless they want these kids to embrace a modern version of Huxley’s “erotic play.” 

Which is, I fear, exactly what they want. Disney and its co-belligerents are engaged in not just run-of-the-mill homosexual and transgender activism. No, they are seeding the ground of our children’s hearts and minds with revolution. They are encouraging them to break free from all of the normal boundaries and restraints that “modern, hierarchical, authoritarian society,” with its family structures and religion, foists upon their self-expression. They want the kids to engage in “erotic play” as a supreme act of defiance against any and all order — against God, creation, family, and decency. They want them to revolt now, so they can rule later over a society that is completely controllable, as they grant them — nay, force them — to indulge their sexual desires at any time, in any place, and in just about any manner of their choosing.

This is why the “grooming” label is so powerful. It cuts to the core of their very project. Yes, they want to sexualize your children in general, and many will also seek to prey on them specifically, in acts of pedophilia and sex abuse. But they don’t just want to groom kids, they want to grow moral anarchists who can’t even imagine a world in which sexual restraint, decency, and moderation fence off the public square from perverts. 

After the young, reluctant boy was taken inside for reeducation, the D.H.C. uses the instance as a sort of teaching opportunity. Huxley writes: 

“Then, turning to his students, ‘What I’m going to tell you now,’ he said, ‘may sound incredible. But then, when you’re not accustomed to history, most facts about the past do sound incredible.’

He let out the amazing truth. For a very long period before the time of Our Ford, and even for some generations afterwards, erotic play between children had been regarded as abnormal (there was a roar of laughter); and not only abnormal, actually immoral (no!): and had therefore been rigorously suppressed. 

A look of astonished incredulity appeared on the faces of his listeners. Poor little kids not allowed to amuse themselves? They could not believe it. ‘Even adolescents,’ the D.H.C. was saying, ‘even adolescents like yourselves . . .’ ‘Not possible!’ ‘Barring a little surreptitious auto-erotism and homosexuality—absolutely nothing.’ ‘Nothing?’ ‘In most cases, till they were over twenty years old.’ 

‘Twenty years old?’ echoed the students in a chorus of loud disbelief. ‘Twenty,’ the Director repeated. ‘I told you that you’d find it incredible.’ 

‘But what happened?’ they asked. ‘What were the results?’ ‘The results were terrible.’ A deep resonant voice broke startlingly into the dialogue.”

Families Are the First to Go

As you read on, you learn that the deep voice bemoaning the results of sexual restraint amongst adolescents is the central villain of Brave New World, Mustapha Mond. Mustapha Mond is “The Resident Controller for Western Europe” and one of the ten Controllers of the entire world. In this scene, he takes over where the D.H.C. left off and goes on to give a brief history of the horrors of the family. 

“Just try to realize it,” he said, and his voice sent a strange thrill quivering along their diaphragms. “Try to realize what it was like to have a viviparous mother.” That smutty word again. But none of them dreamed, this time, of smiling. “Try to imagine what ‘living with one’s family’ meant.” They tried; but obviously without the smallest success. “And do you know what a ‘home’ was?” They shook their heads.

Home, home—a few small rooms, stiflingly over-inhabited by a man, by a periodically teeming woman, by a rabble of boys and girls of all ages. No air, no space; an under-sterilized prison; darkness, disease, and smells.

Our Ford—or Our Freud, as, for some inscrutable reason, he chose to call himself whenever he spoke of psychological matters—Our Freud had been the first to reveal the appalling dangers of family life. The world was full of fathers—was therefore full of misery; full of mothers—therefore of every kind of perversion from sadism to chastity; full of brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts—full of madness and suicide.

The soon-to-be Hatchery workers can’t even imagine what a “home” is, or was, for they had never known one! “Mother” is a dirty word, harkening back to ancient, disease-ridden days before the industrial and sexual revolutions had fully wed and birthed the offspring of this mechanical utopia. Fathers brought misery. Mothers brought perversion. Extended family yielded madness and suicide. Don’t miss this: the critical feature of Mond’s history is the connection between “the family” and the idea of a “backward” society marked by sexual “repression.” 

Progress, at least of the modern progressive variety, has always had the family fixed square in its sights. It’s the first enemy to fall on the way to “true” freedom. The self-liberation of the sexual revolution could only ever be achieved through the destruction of the ties that bind — our flesh-and-blood families. In this sense, we hear echoes of the first family raised east of Eden when Cain slew his brother Abel out of jealous anger. In doing so he completed the second movement of the Fall of Man: First, mankind severed their relationship with God, next they ruined their relationship with each other.

Thus, in the World State, as well as in the modern Magic Kingdom, we find that Alastair Roberts was on to something when he described this society as one in which “individuality and the particularism of familial or monogamous love are resisted as obstructions to social homogeneity and conformity.” Once the obstructions to conformity are thus eliminated, the conformity is ultimately ensured and enforced by sex and sedation. Roberts, again, astutely summarizes it like so: “Citizens are encouraged to engage in sterile promiscuous sex, to make them complacent to their servitude.” Sterile sex slaves of the state — how liberating.

While writing Brave New World, Huxley was mixing the mechanism of Henry Ford with the psychology of Sigmund Freud. But now, we have Disney+ serving up a digitized helping of Freud plus Foucault — a man described as the “Godfather of modern queer theory” and who “argued for a radically progressive sexual ethic which included the eradication of the age of consent down to infants.” Sound familiar?

Threading It All Together 

Josh Daws, host of “The Great Awokening” podcast and newly minted micro-Internet celebrity, spooled out a viral, insightful thread on the connection between the liberal left’s embrace and normalization of sexually grooming youth and undermining the nuclear family, for the sake of cultivating a revolutionary class consciousness. Let’s consider this frightful yarn as we close our time together. 

Internet personality Auron MacIntyre once suggested that, “It’s not rocket science guys…they are just evil and want to diddle kids.” This insight grew some legs and made some miles, and now appears most regularly enshrined in the manifestation of a popular meme.

After the leaked Disney videos started circulating on the Internet like a bad case of omicron amongst the vaxxed and boosted, the MacIntyre thesis came up for air as well. In response, Daws suggested that:

“While it may be a strong satirical response to those who get lost in nuance, it fundamentally fails to recognize why the left wants to talk to your kids about sexuality. Let’s connect some dots. The left doesn’t want to diddle kids. They want to create little revolutionaries. To do that they need to sever the bond between students and the parents they believe are raising their children to be hateful bigots. In order to sever the bond between parents and their children, the left is using a two-pronged approach. Critical Race Theory and radical gender ideology (properly known as Queer Theory) are not two unrelated sets of ideas. They are two parts of the same strategy.

Once CRT is done tearing down these kids and leaving them with a negative self-identity, Queer Theory (QT) is introduced and offers them a wide assortment of positive self-identities to choose from. Instead of living with the shame and guilt of being a member of the oppressive dominant culture, these students can be celebrated for coming out as gender nonbinary or pansexual…

These are your kids we’re talking about. The left wants them. They would love to sever your bond with them. They think your appeals to childhood innocence are an attempt to force heteronormativity on them. Seriously. They write papers on it. It’s not a secret agenda.

We should take the time to help people see how nice-sounding programs are being used in the classroom to create little activists and put kids in danger.”

The entire tweet thread is worth reading — all 23 tweets of it. My above, curated selection highlights the salient point here, which is this: Daws sees the same connection that I do. He can spot that same sick, sinful thread that connects the fictional Brave New World of Huxley’s imagination to the very real Disney World of our here and now. When fully exposed, we realize that we can call this connection by a very familiar name: the sexual revolution. Except now we realize it’s not just the sex that is being revolutionized, it’s everything. “The ‘sex’ was not the main point of the sexual revolution after all — it was changing society. And that starts by changing our children. By sexualizing the revolutionaries. By grooming our kids through what we now know is their ‘not-at-all-secret gay agenda.’”

In other words, Disney doesn’t just want to show your kids a gay kiss in the next Buzz Lightyear movie for the sake of representation. No, they want to show your kids that you can’t be trusted. That they must rebel, and usher in a new utopia, a brave new world, where the maudlin restrictions of antiquated family life are a horror long forgotten. We fear the boot of Orwell’s Big Brother while ignoring the sex-fueled and desire-driven totalitarian order of Huxley’s World State at our peril. As Roberts noted, 

“Huxley perceived, better than most, the degrading bondage into which we can be brought by our desire for pleasure. Neil Postman famously contrasted Huxley’s work with Orwell’s 1984, observing Huxley’s recognition that we may be more readily destroyed and dominated through our desires than our fears. Anesthetized by pleasures, entertainments, trivialities, distractions, lusts, and sensuality, we can be inured to the steady erosion of our humanity.”

As it stands today, Americans are not such paper tigers (or perhaps paper bald eagles) that we would roll over and submit to a globalist world order, no matter how many drugs and how much sex are on the table. But that’s as it stands today. Disney recognizes this — and does every other woke multinational corporation that wants to rule the world post-Great Reset. So, before they govern us with an iron fist, they must groom the future with an animated one. Disney+ subscribers beware: You can’t say that you haven’t been warned, both by the Mouse, and here by Mustapha Mond: 

“Family, monogamy, romance. Everywhere exclusiveness, a narrow channeling of impulse and energy. “But every one belongs to every one else,” he concluded, citing the hypnopædic proverb. The students nodded, emphatically agreeing with a statement which upwards of sixty-two thousand repetitions in the dark had made them accept, not merely as true, but as axiomatic, self-evident, utterly indisputable.”

Closing Thoughts on Mickey Mouse and Millstones 

If I had to summarize everything I’ve laid out here so far, I might put it like this: What’s happening with Disney is worse than you think. It’s not just about grooming our kids for sexual expression and perversion, it’s about overthrowing our families, our country, and our civilization. It’s a subtle step down the road towards a soft-totalitarianism of mandatory erotic play for 7-year-olds in a wicked new world. When CNN runs a story with the headline “Focus on ‘parental rights’ chips away at gay rights” and it’s parental rights that have the scare quotes — believe them. They mean it. I hope I’ve made that case rather clear, all while introducing — or re-introducing — you to a literary classic along the way. 

And so, we realize that what’s residing in Orlando, Florida, and Burbank, California, is indeed a Brave New Disney World. But instead of magic — family-friendly fun for all ages — we have the tragic: an anti-God, anti-family, anti-creation order agenda that’s being smuggled into every latest release that Disney drops on millions of households every month. 

It’s awful. It’s shocking. And it’s just plain old sad. It’s sad to see that what had been a core memory of our collective childhoods — The Lion King on VHS, Toy Story in the theaters, the family trip to the Magic Kingdom — is now ruined by the sulfuric acids of the sexual revolution. Will I ever take my family on a solo trip to Disney now? The odds aren’t great, I can tell you that.

We see here, as everywhere else, that unchecked sin corrupts anything it touches, including Mickey Mouse. Because when those mouse ears morph from solid black to the rainbow stripes, it’s not just a new color scheme. It’s now the flag of pride flying high in rebellion against God and His creation design (Romans 1). Refusal to submit our bodies to God’s good design for our sexuality is a damnable offense in and of itself. And yet inviting the most vulnerable among us to join in the madness, at ever earlier ages is why Jesus warned, “If anyone causes one of these little ones—those who believe in me—to stumble, it would be better for them to have a large millstone hung around their neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea” (Matthew 18:6). One can only assume that the millstone makers have been working overtime the last few weeks. 

Our society seems intent on interpreting Sodom and Gomorrah as an example to emulate, instead of taking it as the burning ember of a warning to be heeded. But in the run-up to the fire and brimstone, there was the hope of salvation for the cities; if only ten righteous inhabitants could be found, the Lord would spare them from destruction (Genesis 18:32). Those ten men were never found. Will they be found in America? If we are to avoid the revolution that the groomers so desire, and if we are to avoid the ruin that we so deserve, the only hope we have is repentance, to collectively denounce our great wickedness and flee to the arms of Christ and His great righteousness. 

And for all of the hurting and confused kids out there, victims of this propaganda, even if the Magic Kingdom is never again a safe place for them, we have the hope that “the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.” After all, Jesus did teach us that “anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter” (Mark 10:14-15). 

In which kingdom — which world — do you have your hope today?

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