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Top-secret documents smuggled out of China show that President Xi and other CCP leaders planned and directed the Uyghur genocide

A trove of leaked documents shows that Chinese President Xi Jinping is responsible for the genocide and other human rights violations committed against the Uyghurs in Xinjiang province.

Quick Facts

The “Xinjiang Papers” are a collection of government documents from China that were originally leaked to the New York Times by a “member of the Chinese political establishment” and published on November 16, 2019. The New York Times released only a small number of pages and did not quote from all the documents.

The New York Times cited Chinese Communist Party Jinjiang Secretary Chen Quanguo’s mandate to “round up everyone who should be rounded up,” but it did not mention that Xi Jinping issued the demand in 2014 that “those who should be seized should be seized, and those who should be sentenced should be sentenced.”

However, this past September, these same documents were leaked to the Uyghur Tribunal which helped lead to its official ruling that China committed genocide. The Tribunal has now publicly released the documents.

Dr. Adrian Zenz, a senior fellow with Victims of Communism and the Uyghur Tribunal, wrote a report on the documents. In it, he states, “Xi’s statements that religious extremism is like a ‘powerful psychedelic drug’ and that acts of terror will ‘multiply like cancer cells’ if extremist thought is not eradicated are quoted verbatim (and attributed to Xi) in a widely-cited March 2017 government document that likens re-education to free medical treatment for ‘sick thinking.’”

The report explained: “The material shows that the transfer of nearly 3 million rural surplus laborers into full-time employment through a ‘vigorous’ development of labor-intensive industries was designed to prevent Uyghurs from ‘having nothing to do’ and therefore being ‘easily exploited by evildoers. Xi Jinping similarly suggested that unemployed persons are liable to ‘provoke trouble,’ and that employment in companies promotes ethnic mixing and helps workers to ‘resist religious extremism.’”

The documents also show that the Chinese president demanded that the birth rate of Uyghurs be reduced by “at least 4 per mile.” He also demanded that officials, “enact birth control policies that are equal for each ethnic group.”

The report noted that China’s foreign policy strategy was a big motivator behind the genocidal solution taken to deal with the Uyghur. “In a top-secret speech,” Zenz explains, “Xi argues that the Belt and Road Initiative, his signature foreign policy project, requires a stable domestic security environment. He asserts that the entire country’s national security and the achievement of China’s major goals in the 21st century are in jeopardy if the situation in southern Xinjiang cannot be brought under control.”

The report continued: “Xi demands that the region engages in an all-out battle to ‘prevent Xinjiang’s violent terrorist activities from spreading to the rest of China.’ He notes that since violent acts have already spread to other regions of China, ‘[t]herefore we propose that Xinjiang is currently in … a painful period of interventionary treatment…’”

The documents say that the state should show “no mercy” to its enemies and detailed plans to make Islam more Chinese and to build high-security prisons and detention centers. In addition, the documents show that officials who did not detain large numbers of Uyghurs would be severely punished.

Congress has recently reacted to China’s abuses by passing three measures: 1) a ban on all imports of goods from Xinjiang, which passed with only one nay vote by Kentucky Rep. Thomas Massie, R; 2) a resolution condemning China’s “ongoing genocide and crimes against humanity,” also unanimous save for a vote against it by Rep. Massie; and 3) a resolution saying that the International Olympic Committee violated its human rights commitments by cooperating with China to award it the 2022 Winter Olympics.

The Biden administration recently announced that it will not send an official delegation to the Winter Olympics “in the face of the PRC’s egregious human rights abuses and atrocities in Xinjiang” but stopped short of banning U.S. athletes from attending and competing.

In response to the Uyghur Tribunal’s report and the public release of the top-secret documents, Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., has called out the New York Times, saying, “Critically important information was contained within the hundreds of pages that were hidden—and continue to be hidden—from the American people and governments across the globe.”

The Times claimed it did not release the documents to protect its source. Rubio responded, “Did the Times consider simply transcribing and making the full documents public or releasing the full documents to a select group of experts, as the Uyghur Tribunal has just done, given the importance of these documents, to assess and help stop an ongoing genocide?”

He added, “I would like to remind you that the New York Times is still withholding nearly 86 pages of critical documents that could inform the American people, policymakers, and business leaders of critical information surrounding Xi’s direct involvement in atrocities.”

China has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing but has established a pattern of human rights abuses. China’s genocide has been known for some time, but now can be traced back to Xi Jinping.

Normally on news stories, the Standing for Freedom Center provides analysis and a statement of our position on the issue at hand, but this report clearly speaks for itself. The only question left is: How will the free world respond? There are no more excuses.

As the great British human rights campaigner William Wilberforce declared after detailing the reality of the slave trade before Parliament:

“We can no longer plead innocence, we cannot evade it, it is now an object that has been placed before us, we cannot pass it. We may spurn it, we may kick it out of our way, but we cannot turn aside so as to avoid seeing it…”

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