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Pro-life memorial at Saint Louis University is once again destroyed by pro-abortion vandals who vow to ‘keep killing babies.’


Students at Saint Louis University in Missouri have had to remove their memorial for aborted babies after repeated vandalism, leading to a campus investigation.

Quick Facts

The Saint Louis University Students for Life set up a memorial of 1,000 flags, each representing 800 babies aborted, in the shape of a cross on campus, only to have it vandalized openly by pro-abortion students.

One pro-life student, Nick Baker, walked up on two female students removing the flags and videotaped them. When he approached them, they asked if he put the flags up. When he answered affirmatively, they said that a man has no right to tell women what to do with their bodies or shame them. One of the female students told him “You can go to hell.” When he asked for their names, they grew more hostile. “You’re a little [expletive] and that’s why you put all this up — because you have no right to have an opinion.”

One of the female students, later approached Baker and said, “People hate you, you’re a disgusting misogynist, and karma is going to [expletive] get you. You’ll see that when you die, and hopefully you [expletive] go to hell.”

Claiming Baker was harassing someone else, she said, “You don’t care about the lives of others and you lack any sort of empathy and you’re really just trying to hide behind this because you’re not a [expletive] free thinker at all and you’re just a [expletive] loser who wants to [expletive] control women.”

She added, “You just really enjoy your life because I’ll enjoy mine and I’ll [expletive] keep killing babies.”

Student Isabelle Hotard caught others removing the flags at night. She said, “It is a bit of an echo chamber on [Saint Louis University’s] campus. Our entire campus is extremely left-leaning, so you just find a lot of people, particularly among the students in positions of authority, who will be far more tolerant of left-leaning beliefs rather than right-leaning beliefs.”

Another student tweeted, “The destruction continues into the night… @SLU_Official Our flags keep getting stolen so we had to pack it up for security and will be out bright and early tomorrow. This was an approved display and we should NOT have to take it down! #SLU #gobillikens #prolife #womenbetrayed”.

Students for Life Missouri-Arkansas Regional Coordinator and Saint Louis University alum Lucy Gonzalez said, “Every year during my time as an SLU student, our annual Cemetery of the Innocents display was vandalized. One year, our entire display of 350+ wooden crosses that we staked into the ground were completely stolen.”

She continued, “The conversation about abortion is constantly censored by pro-aborts. However, we won’t stop showing up as the Pro-Life Generation to bring the Truth into light. The Pro-Life Movement is a movement of love, and we are up against a movement of darkness. How can I tell? Because a movement of love would not include those who say, ‘You can go to hell’ or call people a “little [expletive]’ when disagreements arise. A movement of love would not display such hatred.”

Well said, Ms. Gonzalez. The supposed tolerance of the left is truly something to behold. It is sad to see how upside down these students’ worldview is, as illustrated by the female student who accused Baker of not caring about the lives of others or having empathy while she proudly states that she will “keep killing babies.”

If an unborn child is really just a clump of cells, why are these women so upset about the memorial? Why do they think it would upset women? The truth is, these students know that a child in the womb is a baby, revealed further by the student’s chilling promise. They truly believe that the virtue of total bodily autonomy for women is higher than the value of a human life.

In order to win the fight against abortion, the pro-life movement must continue to educate people that being pro-life isn’t about controlling women’s bodies but about protecting babies. Education will only go so far, however, as these lies are ingrained in people from the time they are young. Only prayer and the work of the Holy Spirit can awaken hearts darkened by lies from the evil one.

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