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Kamala Harris does not represent me as a woman


When I was little, I never grew up thinking that because I was a girl I was at a disadvantage to all the boys. My parents always taught my three sisters and I that we were capable of anything we put our minds to because we had God on our side. They taught us that we lived in a free country where anyone can be anything — if they’re willing to work hard enough — and those are lessons I took with me into college. I never believed that someone else had to reach an affluent position for me to accomplish my dreams.

When the media presumptively declared Joe Biden the winner of the 2020 presidential election a few Saturdays ago, social media immediately erupted with cries of victory and posts dedicated to his running mate Kamala Harris and her breakthrough as the first-ever female vice president.

Post after post hailed Harris as a hero, saying that she was showing girls all over the country that women are capable of holding positions at the highest levels of government. Feminists raised their hands in victory, heralding what they see as a blow to the patriarchy and to those who they say don’t believe women are capable of being in roles like this.

Kamala Harris is being heralded as a standard for women. She’s being seen as some sort of superhero for her contribution to womanhood.

They say Kamala Harris represents all women through her achievement and that she is paving the way for women everywhere.

But here’s the thing: Kamala Harris does not represent me as a woman. She never has and she never will. I don’t need a woman like her to get into a high-ranking position to feel good about how God created me. I don’t need a woman like her to pave the way for me or to show me that I am capable of accomplishing my dreams.

I don’t feel elated about the new heights Harris has risen to.

Instead, I feel devastated.

Kamala Harris is a very vocal advocate for abortion. She says she is an advocate for women, but doesn’t blink twice when it comes to murdering women in the womb. She doesn’t show any remorse for the millions of babies who have been brutally murdered before taking their first breath.

If she really cares about women and about helping women rise to new heights, why does she so gleefully back this horrifying genocide?

In the Bible, we are told that all life is “fearfully and wonderfully made” and that all life is cherished by God. He created each life for a specific plan and a purpose. As Christians, and especially as women who were given the beautiful gift of carrying the gift of life, we should be heartbroken by Harris’s stance on these issues.

Life is so precious. As a woman and a public servant, Kamala Harris should be all about protecting lives, but instead she advocates for the demise of the most innocent because to her thinking, unborn babies are just a clump of cells.

Harris is not only a staunch advocate for abortion, but she has also said she would be in favor of making prostitution legal. In an interview with The Root, she said that she thought prostitution between two consenting adults was fine and should be decriminalized. In essence, the punishments for prostitution and other sex crimes would be lessened. Without worry of legal action, this could cause irreparable damage to the anti-trafficking movement.

What she fails to realize is that decriminalizing prostitution opens doors for more women to be sold and exploited in that evil industry. While there may be some women who choose to be prostitutes, the harsh reality is that many more of those women do not have a choice. Human trafficking is alive and well, and with Harris’s plans, there will be more setbacks in eradicating this industry once and for all.

Since 2007, nearly 50,000 cases are reported annually to the National Human Trafficking Hotline, but the real number of victims in the United States is likely to be exponentially higher. Sex trafficking is a form of modern-day slavery, and it is something that the government should be facing head on rather than working to decriminalize an industry that specifically exploits women and girls.

If Kamala Harris is really for women, wouldn’t she be against this exploitation and the industry that enslaves more people today than at any other time in history?

The liberal media and the Democrat Party say that they are all for women’s advancement and seeing women reach new heights in the workforce, but they are willing to do it at the expense of other women, and they are willing to overlook the murder of babies and the exploitation of women and girls in the sex trafficking trade.

If liberals really cared about the advancement of women in this country, then why did they so terribly attack and defame Amy Coney Barrett and Sarah Palin?

Sarah Palin was also a candidate for vice president, only the second in history, and Barrett became the youngest woman ever confirmed to the U.S. Supreme Court. What is the difference? Palin and Barrett both represent a group of women who believe in God, are conservative, are pro-life, are present mothers, and have successful careers.

So what I’m getting from this is that you have to be in favor of abortion and be an extremist, borderline socialist to get credit for being a woman in high positions? Got it.

Women should be able to deliver arguments and debate with logic, facts, and sound reasoning rather than turning to emotion and deception to get their points across. We need to teach young girls that you can be heard and you can be respected by using the truth rather than pure emotion as a weapon.

While women may be raising Harris up as their idol of womanhood, I refuse to follow suit. Kamala Harris doesn’t represent me as a woman. I believe someone should be chosen to fill a position based on their qualifications — not because of their gender or skin color. I believe that all life is sacred, from the moment of conception. I believe women can be successful in their careers and still be mothers. I believe if a mother doesn’t want a career and wants to be a stay-at-home mom that is okay too — she is not less than.

I believe what God said in Proverbs 31 about the truly admirable woman: “Strength and honor are her clothing.… She opens her mouth with wisdom, and on her tongue is the law of kindness. Charm is deceitful and beauty is passing, but a woman who fears the Lord, she shall be praised.”

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