Earlier this year, Tanner Cross, a Loudon County elementary school teacher, was suspended after stating he would not compromise his religious beliefs by using pronouns that do not correspond to a student’s biology at birth.   Tanner was suspended.  A judge reinstated him and said the School Board decision was “vindictive and unconstitutional.”  The School Board appealed the judge’s decision the next day.


Cornerstone Chapel pastor Gary Hamrick spoke out on behalf of Tanner’s First Amendment rights to speak freely about his faith in a public setting.  A recent Barna survey revealed that congregations want shepherds to help them apply biblical truth to today’s cultural issues so they can take a stand.  Unfortunately, the same survey stated that pastors were unwilling to address biblical issues if those issues are labelled or declared political.


Watchmen, now is the time to reclaim biblical truth and address our churches’ concerns and questions about current cultural issues.  Start or continue that reclamation process by attending a breakfast or lunch sponsored by Liberty University’s Standing for Freedom Center.


Children in our congregations are being mentally and emotionally abused in the government schools.  Loudon County is joined by Albemarle County, Lynchburg, Amherst County, West Point, VA and additional locations in VA where gender issues and critical race theory are indoctrinating our children.  No school in Virginia will be exempt from this anti-biblical, Marxist, Socialist, Communist ideology.  Pastor, please wake up and step up for the sake of the children.


Jesus’ remedy for harming children – a millstone placed around the neck of an abuser and then thrown into the sea.  Silence is considered an accessory to a crime.  How will our congregations know right and wrong if we don’t instruct?


Honest weights and measurements are God’s standard for truth.  Pastor Brad Huddleston will address educational issues in Virginia schools while Pastor Travis Witt will challenge pastors to use balance in determining and teaching truth for their congregation.  Chad Connolly will give a call to action.


Take 90 minutes of your day, have breakfast or lunch, and hear these speakers’ challenge to pastors about the state of the Commonwealth of VA and leave with an action plan for you and your congregation.  Hope to see you there.


Pastor Travis Witt

Director of Strategic Outreach

Liberty University’s Standing for Freedom Center


Millstones and Measurements Dates – CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

Tuesday July 13 @ 8:30 AM – New Hope Baptist Church, 255 Union Level Road, South Hill, VA  23970

Tuesday July 13 @ 12:00 PM – Life Church, 16801 Harrowgate Road, South Chesterfield, VA  23834

Wednesday July 14 @ 8:30 AM – Life Church, 8378 Atlee Road, Mechanicsville, VA  23116

Wednesday July 14 @ 12:00 PM – Crossroads Baptist Church, 4236 Lee Hill School Road, Fredericksburg, VA  22408