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Report: DoD schools are teaching military children divisive ideologies

While military members are selflessly serving their country, their children are being indoctrinated in radical leftist ideologies in a “school-to-activism pipeline,” where they are trained to hate America and “challenge its systems of oppression.” A nonprofit organization is exposing how children of military members are being indoctrinated with controversial ideologies within their K-12 classrooms. Schools […]

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This Week in History: Patriot James Swan Steps Up and Pays Off America’s Debt

Unfortunately, this noble gesture in 1795 to settle slightly more than $2 million in war loans only shored up America’s balance sheet for a moment as the debt has continued to grow over the last 230 years and now stands at an unsustainable $35 trillion. By the age of 22, James Swan, a Scottish immigrant […]

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Religion is Already in the Classroom

Every system of thought carries fundamental assumptions about the nature of reality, mankind, and ethics, which is why our schools should reject the humanist beliefs currently being proselytized in our classrooms and return to the Christian principles that made our children good and our country great. Recent efforts to integrate the Bible into student programming […]

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“Billboard Chris” files suit against Australian eSafety Commission for censoring his post

This is only the latest example of government officials worldwide using the power of their offices to shut down any dissent or criticisms related to transgender ideology as “hate speech.” A Canadian dad who quit his job to travel the world and call out gender ideology as harmful to children has filed suit after Australia’s […]

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Why is Our Culture Allowing Pride Flags to Diminish the American Flag?

The trend of elevating flags that celebrate personal sexual and gender identities inappropriately places private matters on a national pedestal and detracts from the shared principles and collective history embodied by the American flag, ultimately weakening the bonds that hold the nation together. The sanctity of our symbols is pivotal in the battle for our […]

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As terrorists continue to relentlessly attack Christians in Nigeria, 70 churches are forced to close their doors

Tens of thousands of Nigerian Christians have been murdered, kidnapped, and displaced by Boko Haram and other terror groups since 2009, but the U.S. government continues to attribute the violence to climate change rather than religious hatred. A Nigerian denomination has been forced to close 70 of its churches due to rampant terror attacks. Rev. […]

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HHS’s effort to retrofit radical gender ideology into the Affordable Care Act is blocked nationwide

[UPDATE]  Another court has blocked the attempt by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to rewrite Title IX and Section 1557 of the Affordable Care Act, ruling that the agency has no authority to force states to permit gender transitions nor require that doctors or medical facilities perform gender transitions. Coinciding with a […]

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A Time for Choosing: Which Way Forward, America?

The American electorate needs to see real clarity on policies that support pro-life, pro-faith, and pro-family values. Conservative evangelical voters should never feel politically alienated, homeless, or abandoned by those who have consistently courted and counted on their support. The Standing for Freedom Center at Liberty University exists to defend life, liberty, and truth to […]

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Why the Ten Commandments Belong in Public School Classrooms

Public schools are, frankly, a disaster in America. They’ve traded true education — which is moral formation and built on transcendental truths — for progressive indoctrination. Louisiana’s law exposing young minds to the most perfect law ever given to mankind is just a tiny bit of pushback on that. The liberals are in quite an […]

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