More pain at the pump: U.S. crude oil prices hit seven-year high

U.S. crude oil prices per barrel rose to their highest level since 2014, indicating a higher demand for fuel and travel, despite the Omicron surge, as well as the serious impacts of President Biden’s anti-fossil fuel agenda. Quick Facts The main grade of U.S. crude oil rose to $85.43 per barrel, its highest level since […]

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Are our former monarchical overlords in the U.K. “out-freedoming” America?

Our overbearing parents are “sticking it to the man” better than their once-freedom-loving child? Our apple pies are burning! Our baseball games have turned to cricket! Our entire population of bald eagles have flown the coop seeking bluer skies across the pond!

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Senate votes to preserve filibuster, sinking Democrat bills to federalize elections and eliminate voter ID

Let’s be clear, getting rid of the filibuster isn’t a noble effort to protect democracy, it’s a dangerous power grab to eliminate opposition to the left’s widely unpopular legislation that is intended to give it permanent control.

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Family of four-year-old cancer patient living at Ronald McDonald House in Vancouver for months is evicted over vaccination status

The family of a four-year-old cancer patient say they and others have been given notice that they will be evicted from the charitable Ronald McDonald House at the end of January unless they get the two-shot COVID vaccine. Quick Facts  In a viral social media video, Austin Furgason, a father whose 4-year-old son, Jack, is […]

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New Virginia governor starts working to fulfill campaign promises, but some of his agenda is already being challenged in court

Since his inauguration on January 15, new Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin, R, has signed 11 executive orders that advance many of the key priorities he promised Virginians while on the campaign trail, but already he is facing organized resistance and legal challenges from school districts and some parents. Quick Facts Businessman Glenn Youngkin was swept into office […]

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UPDATE: Supreme Court agrees to hear religious freedom case of football coach who was fired for praying at midfield after games

UPDATE: The Supreme Court announced last week that it will hear the case of former Bremerton High School football coach Joe Kennedy, who was fired for refusing to stop praying on the field after games, to determine whether silent prayers are protected by the Constitution. Kelly Shackelford, head of First Liberty Institute which represents the […]

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Co-owner of NBA’s Golden State Warriors states that “nobody cares” about China’s genocide of the Uyghur, including himself

Chamath Palihapitiya, who owns 2 percent of the NBA’s Golden State Warriors, recently said on his podcast that “nobody cares” about the genocide of Uyghurs in China’s Xinjiang province, saying that his main concern is human rights violations in the U.S. Quick Facts Palihapitiya said on his podcast that “it’s a hard ugly truth” that “nobody cares” […]

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Pastor Josh Buice, Pray’s Mill Baptist Church break from SBC over social justice influence among leadership

Pray’s Mill Baptist Church (PMBC) has voted to sever ties with the Southern Baptist Covention (SBC) over concerns with the leadership’s theological drift towards social justice, identity politics, and a refusal to denounce Critical Race Theory and intersectionality (CRT/I). Quick Facts Josh Buice, pastor of Pray’s Mill Baptist Church (PMBC) in West Atlanta, had helped […]

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UPDATE: Parent lawsuit forces California to drop curriculum requirement that had students praying to Aztec gods

UPDATE: The California Department of Education has voluntarily settled a lawsuit by agreeing to remove any requirement or encouragement that students chant prayers or affirmations to Aztec and Ashe gods. The suit, brought by parents and the Californians for Equal Rights Foundation, had alleged that the prayers, part of the state-approved Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum, was a sectarian […]

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