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FRC study: Incidents of hostility against churches doubled again in 2023

Attacks on houses of worship have increased almost 800 percent since 2018 as “the American culture appears increasingly hostile to Christianity.” There were more than 400 attacks on U.S. churches in 2023, double the number of the prior year, according to an annual Family Research Council (FRC) study that tracks such incidents. This is just the […]

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Lawsuit: Hawaiian county is illegally fining a Jewish rabbi $40,000+ for holding religious meals and prayer gatherings in his home

It’s not unusual for government officials to try to shut down and silence religious expression in the public square, but now they increasingly see the family home as their purview as well. First Liberty Institute has filed suit on behalf of a Jewish rabbi after officials with the County of Hawaii levied fines against him […]

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Texas college reinstates science teacher who was fired for teaching scientific facts

UPDATE:  St. Phillips College has agreed to reinstate Dr. Johnson Varkey, an adjunct professor of biology who was terminated after students allegedly complained that he was teaching “religious” facts that they disagreed with, including that sex is determined by chromosomes and life begins in the womb. St. Phillips, located in San Antonio, Texas, is a […]

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The Gospel According to Madison Avenue

As a 19th century theologian once warned, “Beware of manufacturing a God of your own,” who is “all love, but not holy.” The latest “He Gets Us” Super Bowl commercial has been widely criticized, and for good reason. This article won’t plod through every objection that’s been raised — that’s a longer story for another […]

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Barna: Christianity on precipice of “invisibility” unless churches prioritize helping children develop a biblical worldview

As apostasy and relativism take hold in society and even in our churches, this latest survey shows that an alarming number of Christians, including parents and children’s pastors, are rejecting biblical truths and the narrow path that leads to life. A recent survey by Arizona Christian University shows that the majority of tweens are rejecting […]

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D.C. Medical Examiner bows to pressure, will preserve the remains of “the D.C. Five”

[UPDATE]   The D.C. medical examiner has agreed to halt its plans to destroy the bodies of the five aborted late-term babies in response to public pushback from pro-life groups and members of Congress, who demanded that the city government “respect” the humanity and dignity of the babies by investigating the circumstances of their deaths and […]

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What Do Secular Critics of “Christian Nationalism” Really Want?

Secular critics say that Christians who believe and vote according to biblical doctrine and conservative values are on a quest to obtain “power,” but it’s all just a smear to ensure that regular, politically engaged Christians are silenced in the public square. Apparently, any Christian who wants to see just laws grounded in biblical principles […]

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How to Stay Christian in College

Staying Christian in college can be challenging, but by joining a healthy Gospel-preaching church, making time to study the Bible, and making good, like-minded friends, you can maintain your Christian faith and grow in your relationship with God. If you aren’t careful, college just might shipwreck your faith. A recent Lifeway Research poll found that […]

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Court asked to dismiss California’s suit that would prohibit pregnancy centers from offering treatment to reverse abortions

The California attorney general wants a judge to believe that abortion reversal is unscientific and “experimental,” but there are numerous babies alive today because their mothers changed their minds and received the just-in-time treatment necessary to safely and successfully continue their pregnancies. Attorneys with the Thomas More Society have asked a California court to dismiss […]

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