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Tennessee governor signs law protecting the right to refuse to “solemnize a marriage”

Despite the right of conscience provided in the First Amendment, this law is necessary because, as Justice Samuel Alito warned would happen, the Obergefell decision is being used to “vilify Americans who are unwilling to assent to the new orthodoxy.” Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee, R, has signed into law a bill that allows pastors, government […]

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Even Atheists Can See Through the Transgender Delusion

Thanks to the natural law and the grace of God through His general revelation, even those who deny the existence of God are still able to apprehend the reality of the creation order when it comes to biological sex, and the fixed binary thereof. Over the last decade, the rapid rise of the transgender agenda […]

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Do you have a biblical worldview? Take our test and find out now!

Are you 1 out of 25?  According to Barna Research, only 4% of Americans have a biblical worldview.  Since 1988, more than 125,000 Christian high school students and faculty, as well as youth groups have taken Nehemiah Institute’s assessment called the PEERS Test. Now, anyone can take the test online! This valid and reliable inventory measures biblical […]

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Biblical Worldview: Parental Rights, Part 2

The Bible provides a clear framework for parental authority, responsibility, and discipline and the importance of teaching God’s Word. Children are viewed as precious gifts from God, and parents are entrusted with the privilege and duty of nurturing them in the fear and admonition of the Lord. Read Part 1 of this series here. In […]

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Biblical Worldview: Parental Rights, Part 1

Both the Bible and a plethora of judicial rulings throughout the history of the United States repeatedly affirm this basic societal principle: Parents have a fundamental right to raise and educate their children as they see fit — not the government. The inevitable clash between radical gender ideology and parental rights is coming to a […]

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Fire chaplain fired for his disfavored biblical views asks a federal court to quickly uphold his First Amendment rights

Dr. Andrew Fox was fired for discussing his biblical beliefs on woke and LGBT issues on his own personal blog, begging the clear constitutional question: If chaplains can’t write about or discuss their religious beliefs without fear of retribution, who can? Alliance Defending Freedom has asked a U.S. District Court for a summary judgment in […]

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None Dare Call It Fascism

What else would you call it when a government pressures —  nay, demands — that the nation’s largest bookseller silence any author who takes an unapproved view on the most controversial public health crisis ever? “Fascism” might just be the most overused and misunderstood word in American political discourse. Can’t agree on a contentious topic? […]

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FRC study: Incidents of hostility against churches doubled again in 2023

Attacks on houses of worship have increased almost 800 percent since 2018 as “the American culture appears increasingly hostile to Christianity.” There were more than 400 attacks on U.S. churches in 2023, double the number of the prior year, according to an annual Family Research Council (FRC) study that tracks such incidents. This is just the […]

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Lawsuit: Hawaiian county is illegally fining a Jewish rabbi $40,000+ for holding religious meals and prayer gatherings in his home

It’s not unusual for government officials to try to shut down and silence religious expression in the public square, but now they increasingly see the family home as their purview as well. First Liberty Institute has filed suit on behalf of a Jewish rabbi after officials with the County of Hawaii levied fines against him […]

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