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Babies for Sale? A Recent Announcement Sparks Surrogacy Debate Amongst Conservatives

Creating a child and selling him or her using a “rent-a-womb” arrangement is always wrong — and not just from a biological, common-sense, and natural law perspective. It also violates a whole host of Christian ethics and should never be tolerated, even if it’s being done by someone who claims to be on “our side” […]

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Why “God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen” Should Top Christmas Playlists This Year

In a world filled with unrest, sin, and sorrow, the message of this 16th century English carol is particularly poignant in 2023. It reminds us that even during darkness, there is light, and in the midst of despair, there is yet hope — for Christ the Savior has been born. In the ever-growing selection of […]

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Pro-Hamas Mob at Christmas Tree Lighting Illuminates the Failure of Multiculturalism

The attempt to violently disrupt a beloved Christmas tradition at Rockefeller Center shows that multiculturalism isn’t about “welcoming the stranger” or “bringing the nations to us.” The goal is to completely replace Christian values and destroy Western civilization. Once a year, in the heart of New York City, stands a symbol of Western tradition and […]

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The Unlikely Literary Hero That Today’s Young Men Should Emulate

The bumbling, bashful hobbit Samwise Gamgee of The Lord of the Rings was transformed from ordinary to extraordinary through humility, unwavering loyalty, resilience, and the willingness to pursue love, marriage, and family — all Christian virtues that young men today would do well to embrace. Young men in America are struggling. Many feel purposeless, lost, […]

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Why Christians Celebrating Christmas Should Embrace the Advent Tradition

Advent, rooted in the Old and New Testaments, provides a sacred time for believers to prepare their hearts, cultivate virtues, and celebrate the real meaning of the season — the Incarnation of our Savior — while also anticipating His future return. The Christmas season is upon us. Most people during this time are overly busy […]

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Latest Hate Crime Hoax Proves the Demand for Racism In America Exceeds the Supply

Another woke journalist desperately tries to make a point about the prevalence of racism and the need for Critical Race Theory by picking on a young boy innocently cheering on his favorite football team. A sports journalist for the website Deadspin just pulled a Jussie Smollett and minted a new Nicholas Sandmann at the same […]

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Study: Pro-life abortion laws helped save 32,000 children in first six months of 2023

The researchers involved in this finding don’t see it this way, but any legislative measure that saves lives rather than destroys them is a good thing. A new study suggests that restrictions on abortion following Dobbs v. Jackson have led to the birth of around 32,000 babies who otherwise would have been killed. The study […]

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U.S. Secretary of Education Completely Botches a Famous Ronald Reagan Quote — and Proves Reagan’s Point

The whole embarrassing gaffe shows that, all evidence to the contrary, progressives truly believe that Big Government is the answer — rather than the problem. Earlier this week a video surfaced of Miguel Cardona, the secretary of the U.S. Department of Education, making a rather uneducated gaffe. During remarks at the 2023 Winter Meeting for […]

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HHS advances a proposed rule requiring foster parents to embrace LGBTQ ideology

This effort, combined with OMB’s new guidance on grant eligibility, is an attempt to skirt the Supreme Court’s landmark religious liberty ruling in Fulton v. Philadelphia and will do nothing but add to the critical shortage of foster parents currently plaguing the foster care system. The public commenting period has ended for a proposed Department […]

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