Stand for Freedom: Biblical Principles in a Woke World

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Churches Can’t Avoid Politics — And They Shouldn’t Try

When the Church and Christians fight for justice in the public square through political means, amazing things can happen — whether that is ending the British slave trade, working to help overturn Roe, or bravely keeping a church open in defiance of absurd government mandates, as John MacArthur and other pastors did in 2020. The […]

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Banned Books: Where Do We Draw the Line?

“One can be consistently anti-censorship and pro-freedom of thought while simultaneously acknowledging that it is not the role of the ALA or public schools to usurp a parent’s right to monitor what their children read, view, and listen to.” –REAGAN ESCUDÉ SCOTT September 18-24 is recognized by the American Library Association (ALA) as “Banned Books […]

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For National Conservatism

“The best political coalitions bring together people who aren’t in unanimous agreement on all things, yet who can work together for a set of shared goals. Why does an orthodox Jew like Yoram Hazony give Protestants the spotlight at his conference? Because Hazony understands something that so many on the right miss these days — […]

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Why the Church Needs to Get Back to Practicing Church Discipline

“To stand by in silence while a brother or sister is wandering astray, living in sin for which they will one day be judged, is the most unloving thing we could do.” –REAGAN ESCUDÉ SCOTT I once read a viral post on Facebook that read: “Church folk this is NOT the way…. Nope. It’s things […]

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How the Transgender Movement Hurts Everyone

“If left unchecked, this madness will work through every portion of our society, undermining truth, ruining children, destroying religious liberty, and ultimately bringing our nation down to its knees before the latest demon of the sexual revolution.” –WILLIAM WOLFE In the last year that I’ve been regularly writing for the Standing for Freedom Center, it […]

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Christian homeless mission files suit after government orders it to hire non-Christians

“The Wyoming Rescue Mission is doing exceedingly important work to uplift the Casper community by providing free meals, shelter, recovery programs, job training, and hope. The mission’s hiring practices, including its ability to hire like-minded employees who subscribe to its faith, are essential to fulfilling its calling. The First Amendment allows religious organizations the freedom […]

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Federal judge blocks Head Start mandate requiring workers to be vaccinated and preschoolers to wear masks

 “There are only three branches of government created by the United States Constitution. Government agencies are not one of those branches. They only have the authority the Legislative branch bestows upon them. If government agencies such as the Defendants in this case are allowed to usurp the authority they have, the balance of powers in […]

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March for the Martyrs, set for this Saturday, seeks to bring renewed awareness to the plight of persecuted Christians

“As Christians who still have religious freedom, our job is to stand up for those who have none and safeguard that freedom for our posterity. Yet we know that whatever persecution the world throws our way, God will bring good out of it, and the Church will march on.” On September 24, Christians from across […]

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Why Conservatives Can’t Give Up on Marriage

 “When marriage is confused and corrupted, nothing good follows. Man-woman marriage is a reality that God has woven into the fabric of the world as a guiding and mediating institution for human flourishing. Woe to those who try to tear up those stitches.” –WILLIAM WOLFE It’s now been over seven years since Justice Kennedy handed […]

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