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Demons on Display: Four Takeaways from Sam Smith’s Satanic Grammy Performance

“The ‘cultured elites’ in our day and age are happy to put on a show of worshipping Satan because they don’t actually believe he is real, just like they don’t believe God is real. As Christians, we know that Satan is real — and he is a real danger to all those in this world […]

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U.S. appeals court rules ban on conversion therapy violates the First Amendment, setting up possible Supreme Court review

“No government should have the right to tell its people what kind of counseling they should receive. Tampa’s ban was, in effect, an endorsement and promotion of so-called transgenderism and homosexuality. By banning Christian talk therapy, which has been proven successful in healing gender dysphoria and unwanted same-sex desires, the city was effectively telling its struggling […]

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New bill introduced in House of Representatives would ban transgenders from women’s sports in all 50 states

“This bill isn’t just anti-woke. It is actually pro-science. This bill will protect opportunities for women and girls to compete fairly on the athletic field and in life without interference from woke agencies or politicians who are making up definitions of sex and gender as they go, all to fit toxic political agendas and ideologies.” […]

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Public Theology: Applying All of Christ to All of Life

As you step into the public square, no doubt you will be confronted by competing public theologies…. Therefore, our task as Christian public theologians is to boldly and clearly proclaim Christ as King — and the earth as His footstool (Isaiah 66:1).” –WILLIAM WOLFE Theology is the “study of God.” We get this term from […]

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Latest in education freedom: Parents celebrate after two universal school choice laws are signed in two weeks

“I believe parents should be able to decide what is the best environment for their child to be everything that they can be. COVID really put a fine point on that because it gave parents a front-row seat to what was happening in their child’s classroom. And … a lot of them didn’t like what […]

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Arizona is latest state to introduce legislation qualifying a pregnant woman to count as two passengers when driving in HOV lanes

“Certainly, I’m suggesting that there are two lives in the car. I think that an expecting mom and her pre-born child have the right to be in the HOV lane. There are a number of precedents we have on the books related to treating an expecting mother and her child as two people.” –ARIZONA REP. […]

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‘Weaponized’: Healthcare providers are being professionally threatened for their political views and unapproved opinions

“Every single accusation is not only independent of my clinical practice, but explicitly political — and not only that: unidirectionally explicitly political. Every single thing I have been sentenced to correction for saying is insufficiently leftist, politically. I’m simply too classically liberal — or, even more unforgivably — conservative.” –JORDAN B. PETERSON In a recent […]

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Happy Birthday to Francis Schaeffer — Leading Public Theologian of the 20th Century and Prophet Against Postmodernism

“By God’s grace, Francis Schaeffer’s life and ministry had — and still has — a far-reaching impact on millions of Christians. He helped many better defend the faith through apologetics; he clearly argued for the fundamental and all-encompassing truth of Christian claims about reality, beginning with our Creator God; and he almost single-handedly made American […]

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Another ‘Pro-life Evangelicals for Biden’ Talking Point Is Obliterated

“Although progressive ‘Christians’ cannot biblically square the monstrosity that is abortion with man as the Imago Dei, they don’t want to give up their love affair with Statism, wherein they interpret every biblical admonition to help the poor through the lens of coercive state action into the private sector.” –JASON MATTERA Every presidential cycle the […]

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