When Condoleezza Rice is slandered as a ‘foot soldier of white supremacy’ for criticizing Critical Race Theory, it is no longer about race

“Just like bronze and stone statues bear witness to events of the past, flesh and blood human beings bear witness to the enduring, eternal existence of our Creator. It’s shameful and misguided to deface and destroy monuments. It is far, far worse to deface a living person, who is made in the image of God.” […]

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Skirt-wearing male student is found guilty of raping a 15-year-old girl in a school bathroom in Loudoun County, Virginia

In a case that has galvanized parents fighting against woke school boards that seem to put their own ideology above the education and well-being of children, a male student who identifies as “gender fluid” has been found guilty of raping a 15-year-old female in a high school bathroom in Loudoun County, Virginia. Quick Facts In […]

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After falling victim to cancel culture, the Atlanta Braves enjoy the ultimate revenge

I have been an Atlanta Braves fan my entire life. It’s genetic, I suppose. I was raised by a man who got so excited by Sid Bream’s iconic 9th inning slide home to win the 1992 National League Championship Series that he literally passed out. I was too young to remember the Braves playing in […]

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Unvaccinated police dismissed from their departments can find a $5,000 signing bonus in Florida

While many leaders are sacrificing freedom for alleged safety, leaders like DeSantis are taking an approach that allows for individual freedom and opportunities for safety–two components that are not mutually exclusive, but rather can be pursued harmoniously.

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Philadelphia Statement calls for revival of free speech and an end to cancel culture

As American culture, media, and education becomes more divided, the Philadelphia Statement on Civil Discourse and the Strengthening of Liberal Democracy is calling for an end to cancel culture and ideological blacklisting by encouraging institutions and citizens to recommit to the principles of free speech. Quick Facts The Philadelphia Statement, spearheaded by Alliance Defending Freedom, […]

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LAWSUIT after Washington State coach fired for refusing vaccine

The athletic director had claimed that Rolovich’s termination was on a “for cause” basis, claiming that the former head football coach could not meet the requirements in his contract, and he will not continue to be paid by the school.

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Condoleezza Rice denounces critical race theory, says white kids shouldn’t be made to feel bad about their race

“I would like Black kids to be completely empowered, to know that they are beautiful in their Blackness, but in order to do that I don’t have to make White kids feel bad for being White.”

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No: A Christian worldview isn’t a code word for ‘whiteness’

Christianity is about making God’s Word the first and final authority on all of life, beginning first with our own lives and prejudices.

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‘Most pro-life state’ Arkansas introduces heartbeat bill mirroring Texas

Like Texas, Arkansas is taking steps to protect and preserve the lives of unborn babies who deserve a chance at life.

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