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‘Act Like Men’: Sen. Hawley’s New Book Argues Christian Men Are Key to Rebuilding America

“If enough Christians and pastors can shake off the excessive feminization that rests on our republic like a toxic cloud and join in the exhortations to recover strong men — to make men great again — then maybe, just maybe, our entire country can be made great again as well.” –WILLIAM WOLFE “It’s good to […]

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‘Not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ’: Canadian teen arrested at protest while handing out Bibles

“I will not yield to the pressure of the woke mob or corrupt state. We will continue to spread the truth in love.” –JOSH ALEXANDER Calgary police arrested and detained a Catholic high school student after he organized an event protesting transgender bathroom policies — even though the teen was the one being attacked by […]

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What is Evangelism and How Can You Do It? Four Biblical Considerations

Let’s all then praise Jesus rightly by telling others about His life, death, and resurrection and offer of forgiveness of sins and eternal life for all who repent and believe. No matter how awkward it may feel, God will be glorified in our efforts — and we can trust Him with the outcome. –WILLIAM WOLFE […]

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With the Birth of ‘Three-Parent’ Designer Babies, Commodification of Children is Even More Out of Control

“If scientists can dodge genetic disorders via IVF, what else will they try to do? And at the expense of how many children? Will they try to manipulate DNA to make babies stronger, taller, or more intelligent? What are the long-term implications of tampering with DNA?” –REAGAN ESCUDÉ SCOTT Technology knows no bounds in playing […]

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Male Leadership in the Church: God’s Good and Timeless Plan for His People

“In order to stand strong, churches must stand on the solid rock that is God’s Word, which makes it clear that only men can be pastors. And to do this rightly in our egalitarian, feminist-movement-saturated moment means that we all, both men and women, must stick to this truth without blushing or apologizing.” –WILLIAM WOLFE […]

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Lawsuit: School district holds secret gender and sexuality club, then tells students to lie about it to their parents

“It’s our responsibility to protect [children’s] innocence and stop those who are abusing their taxpayer-funded position to force a radical political agenda onto our nation’s youth. This lawsuit seeks to return the power to parents by reinforcing their Constitutional right to govern their child’s education and protect their future.” –PAM BONDI, AFPI Two sets of […]

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This Week in Washington D.C. | May 15-19, 2023

Viewers, below are some key happenings in Washington D.C. from the week of May 15-19th that should remind us to take action! Legislative State AG’s Committing Support for Women’s Bill of Rights NationwideSixteen state attorneys general have committed their support for the Women’s Bill of Rights legislation – a common-sense declaration on the biology of […]

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Christianity vs. Progressivism: An Irreconcilable Clash of Worldviews

“Progressivism would have us turn our eyes to mankind and the clock to determine what is right and good. Christianity lifts our eyes to the Son of Man and the cross and calls us to cast ourselves before the cross where we can find mercy and forgiveness in our time of need.” –WILLIAM WOLFE Light […]

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Three Ways to Pray for Your Political Opponents

“Remember: Politics is not your “god,” God is your God. And remember that politics makes an awful false god for others, even your political opponents. So, while we work against those with whom we disagree politically, we must still pray for them.” –WILLIAM WOLFE As America has become increasingly less religious in general, and less […]

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