The Same Old Not Yet: Critical Race Theory and the Final Judgment

“Most conservatives are content (and pleasantly surprised) to get your average here’s-the-five-bucks-I-owe-you justice. But CRT’s faithful on the left are looking for more. They want that final and ultimate justice that was hitherto reserved for Armageddon and Kingdom Come.” –John-Henry Keenan Most conservatives, myself included, view Critical Race Theory (CRT) as a vapid, dangerous ideology […]

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Pro-life coffee company ‘Seven Weeks Coffee’ sees boom in business

We get our name because at seven weeks a baby is the size of a coffee bean, the same time a heartbeat is detectable under ultrasound.

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Colorado court rules against Jack Phillips, but Christian cake artist will appeal decision forcing him to violate his beliefs

“This cruelty must stop. One need not agree with Jack’s views to agree that all Americans should be free to say what they believe, even if the government disagrees with those beliefs.”  –JAKE WARNER, ADF SENIOR COUNSEL Five years after The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of Jack Phillips in Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado […]

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Finally: DOJ announces first indictments for attacks on pregnancy resource centers

“…what is it to justice, how many, or how few; how high, or how low; how rich, or how poor; the contending parties may chance to be? Justice is indiscriminately due to all, without regard to numbers, wealth, or rank.” –JOHN JAY, FIRST CHIEF JUSTICE, U.S. SUPREME COURT After more than 100 attacks on churches […]

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Police officer resigns after being told not to post ‘offensive’ views on biblical marriage

“I am grateful for the opportunity that I was given to be a police officer. I do not take that honor and responsibility lightly. However, my integrity and Christian beliefs are at the core of who I am, and I will not abandon them.” –Jacob Kersey A Georgia police officer has resigned after his superiors […]

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One by one, COVID vaccine mandates are finally being blocked and dismantled

In recent weeks, there’s been a concerted pushback on COVID-19 vaccine mandates, with new court rulings and new legislation being introduced to thwart the power of the state to implement such sweeping intrusions into personal and conscience-based health decisions. Quick Facts The San Diego City Council voted yesterday to lift the state of emergency around […]

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CENSORED: ‘Dead Name’ Documentary Highlighting Horrors of Transgender Movement Removed by Vimeo

“As Christians, we know that death doesn’t get the last word. Death doesn’t get to give us our final name — only God can do that. Our hope, the gospel hope that we hold out to everyone trapped in transgenderism and any other sinful system, is that through the power of the blood of Christ […]

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‘Biggest criminal case in pro-life movement’: Mark Houck goes on trial today

“The FACE Act was never intended to cover disputes between advocates on the public sidewalks outside of our nation’s abortion clinics…The Biden Department of Justice’s prosecution of Mark Houck is pure harassment, meant solely to intimidate our nation’s pro-life sidewalk counselors who provide vital resources to help pregnant women at risk for abortion.” –PETER BREEN, […]

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LU students among thousands who joined the March for Life in Washington, D.C., to celebrate the end of Roe v. Wade

“Just as ending slavery was a long struggle, pro-lifers are in for the long haul. Our positive message of hope motivating pro-life forces can be seen everywhere, and we will continue until this message of hope prevails, not just nationally, but in every state.” –ED VITAGLIANO, AMERICAN FAMILY ASSOCIATION For the first time in 50 […]

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