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Transgenderism Isn’t Self-Actualization, It’s Self-Annihilation, Part 3

“A man or a woman might feel like they are in the wrong body, but we know that isn’t true. Even when this may be difficult, Christians can take heart, and share the hope that new, perfect resurrection bodies await all those who put their faith in Jesus Christ and receive the forgiveness of sins […]

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Transgenderism Isn’t Self-Actualization, It’s Self-Annihilation, Part 2

“For a man to try to become a woman is like blue demanding to be red, or for odd to be even. If blue were to get its wish, it would cease to be blue. Thus, such a demand, such an effort, such a ‘liberty,’ is instead an act of self-annihilation. The thing that is, […]

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Transgenderism Isn’t Self-Actualization, It’s Self-Annihilation, Part 1

“Far from being true to themselves, transitioners are actively fighting against, and undertaking efforts to destroy, who they truly are — either a biological male or a biological female. Their nature cannot ultimately be controverted, no matter how hard they try.” –WILLIAM WOLFE This is the first article in a three-part series exposing one of […]

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Federal court blocks longstanding California gun safety mandates after determining that they fail the Bruen test

“The government cannot credibly argue that handguns without CLI, MDM, and microstamping features pose unacceptable public safety risks when virtually all of the handguns available on the Roster and sold in California today lack those features.” –JUDGE CORMAC CARNEY A federal judge has granted a preliminary injunction blocking three safety requirements on new guns for […]

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New Mexico passes radical statewide abortion law that nullifies local pro-life ordinances

“Ideologically driven legislation like this has [the] exact opposite effect to what the sponsors proclaim, as it is a mandate on behavior to refer or participate in abortions and transgender procedures for every public employee.” – ELISA MARTINEZ, NEW MEXICO ALLIANCE FOR LIFE A radical new pro-abortion bill has been signed by New Mexico’s governor […]

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UPDATE: Coach Joe Kennedy gets his job back and a million-dollar-plus settlement from school district that fired him for praying

Coach Joe Kennedy is on a winning streak. Last summer, the Supreme Court ruled 6-3 in his favor after he was fired for refusing to stop praying at midfield after games, a case now seen as a significant precedent in the ongoing fight for religious liberty in the public square. Last fall, a judge ordered […]

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IT NEVER ENDS: Hollywood’s Relentless Campaign to Destabilize the Family

“We must remember that television is not a values-neutral forum, meaning that there are always explicit or subtle messages being conferred upon the audience. And that leads to the second takeaway, which is this: Parents must exert total control over what their children watch to ensure that their values are the ones being enforced in […]

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Roundup: A Week of Pro-Life Victories

A number of states weighed in this week with pro-life legislation that is being celebrated by pro-life groups. These new laws not only place new limits on abortion and ban abortion pills, but they also increase help for new mothers and their infants and recognize the personhood of unborn babies. The legislation includes the following: […]

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Lawsuit: Providence public schools are unconstitutionally blocking the Good News Club from meeting

“The law is clear that public schools cannot discriminate against the Christian viewpoint of Good News Clubs. Equal access means equal treatment in terms of use of the facilities, including fee waivers, time of meetings, and announcements. The Good News Club must be given equal treatment as the non-religious groups.” –MAT STAVER, LIBERTY COUNSEL Child […]

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