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Congress hears alarming testimony about the Chinese Communist Party’s efforts to propagandize American schoolchildren

“The danger of Confucius Classrooms in American K-12 schools cannot be overstated. They threaten our national security, compromise our geopolitical interests, and erode our academic freedom.” –REP. AARON BEAN Members of the U.S. House of Representatives heard testimony regarding an investigative report that found that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is influencing and propagandizing children […]

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Lt. Col. Allen West Shares His Top 10 Bible Verses for Becoming a “Champion for Christ”

“If you’re here at Liberty University, where the purpose ties into the Great Commission, where their task is to train you to be a ‘Champion for Christ,’ then that’s your purpose. Every single day of your life when you wake up, you are training to be a Champion for Christ.” –LT. COL. ALLEN WEST (RET.) […]

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The Modern American Woman: A Story of False Liberation

Liberation can never come from embracing and worshipping yourself but only by embracing and worshipping the One who grants the only liberation that matters: liberation from sin and death. It is no coincidence that when you Google the word “liberation,” the first dictionary response supports the definition with this example: “the struggle for women’s liberation.” […]

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Canadian pastor convicted of “mischief” for giving a 17-minute sermon to Freedom Convoy protestors is set free for time served

“For the past 18 months, they’ve done everything in their power to force me to say that I am guilty, that I’m sorry. They were forcing me to apologize, but I have nothing to apologize for. They have everything to apologize for.” –PASTOR ARTUR PAWLOWSKI Canadian pastor Artur Pawlowski was sentenced to 60 days in […]

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When “Loving Your Neighbor” Goes Horribly Wrong

The foundation of biblical love is God’s holy and righteous law. That’s where the conversation ought to begin any time a politician or a pundit invokes love thy neighbor as grounds to adopt a specific proposal. Have you noticed that there is a growing trend to take Jesus’ admonition to love our neighbor as ourselves […]

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More pro-lifers are convicted under the FACE Act and immediately jailed, including two women in their 70s

“[Incarceration isn’t] the end of your life or the end of your effectiveness. It’s just jail — a normative part of following God in a nation that hates Him.” –JONATHAN DARNEL Three more pro-life protesters were convicted for “violence” under the Freedom of Access to Clinics Entrances (FACE) Act on Friday, meaning they could spend […]

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Who Controls Your Children? An Increasingly Pitched Battle in California Reveals a Dystopian Future for Parental Rights

The California government is sending a very clear message to every parent under its jurisdiction: Your kids don’t belong to you, or to God — they belong to us. The great English philosopher Sir Roger Scruton once said that “There is a resilience in parental affection that defeats all attempts to extinguish it.” One can […]

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How C.S. Lewis Predicted the Forced “Pronoun” Push — and Showed Us How to Respond

The famous British author and Christian apologist never lived to see the days of “ze/zir” descend on Western civilization. But in his prescience, he articulated the stakes of speaking truthfully, even if the culture demands otherwise, in the tale ofA Horse and His Boy. Before the latest polluted wave of toxic gender ideology washed over […]

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Ninth Circuit: California school district must reinstate the student club it banned for holding Christian beliefs on marriage

“We live in polarized times…evangelicals like FCA are charlatans and not in the least bit Christian based…They choose darkness over knowledge and they perpetuate ignorance.” –MICHELLE BOWMAN, TEACHER, PIONEER HIGH SCHOOL The Ninth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals has ruled that the San Jose Unified School District (SJUSD) in California unconstitutionally discriminated against members of […]

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