Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals to decide if videos of abortion industry executives offering to sell fetal tissue can be released

“The Bible instructs Christians to walk in light, not to carry out a double life in the dark. But it goes beyond that and encourages Christians to stand up for truth and to point out wickedness. If the videos show what Daleiden claims…then it is truly evil that he is shining light on.” Attorneys for […]

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Chicago Cubs co-owner Todd Ricketts launches unbiased, uncensored search engine Freespoke as an alternative to Big Tech

“It comes back to putting information in front of people and helping them come to their own conclusions. And it’s really something that just seems to be outside of what the Big Tech world is thinking right now, where they want to guide your thinking.” – TODD RICKETTS, FOUNDER, FREESPOKE As Big Tech companies continue […]

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Christian school appeals ban on prayer at championship game, continuing its seven-year fight for free exercise of religion

“In the name of the First Amendment, the FHSAA would have us ignore it. Rather than respect the First Amendment’s double protection for religious expression, the lower court would have us silence it. We hope the Eleventh Circuit will correct the lower court’s decision by reminding us all that the Constitution protects religious speech, even […]

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The Enduring Success of America Depends on Strong Protestant Christian Institutions

“If America is going to endure, it must win this war against the pagan god of wokeness. It must recapture the institutions that have fallen to the cultural Marxists. Specifically, we must recapture or re-found our Protestant Christian institutions.” –WILLIAM WOLFE The post-Roe landscape in America is a battlefield. The division in our nation is […]

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TikTok bans LiveAction ads as Big Tech continues to censor and cancel pro-life groups

Big Tech censorship of pro-life groups continues in earnest as TikTok has now banned LiveAction, a pro-life group, from running any ads on its popular social media platform, claiming that the ads are driven by partisan politics. Quick Facts TikTok banned all ads by pro-life group LiveAction. The platform has already banned the account of […]

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Christian school granted religious exemption to controversial Title IX rule after lawsuit, allowed to continue in school lunch program

“It shouldn’t have taken a lawsuit to get the government to respect religious freedom. Grant Park Christian Academy treats every child with dignity and respect and never turns away a hungry child… We will defend other public and private schools across the country who remain under the burden of this unlawful mandate that violates religious […]

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Parents group sues after yet another school district makes it policy to hide children’s gender confusion from parents

It is increasingly clear that schools are now more beholden to a radical, divisive ideology than they are to their moral and legal responsibility to parents to do right by the children entrusted to their care. Hopefully, PDE will prevail in this lawsuit, but parents must wake up and recognize the fact that a growing […]

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Chin Up, Fight On: The Pro-Life Movement Needs to Rebound from the Confusion in Kansas

“In Proverbs 24:16 we read that ‘for though the righteous fall seven times, they rise again.’ Christians, conservatives, and pro-life allies must rise again after this setback. Indeed, there is no cause, or time, for despair. We must keep pressing forward. We only lose if we quit — so don’t quit.” –WILLIAM WOLFE One (nearly) […]

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Remembering Vin Scully: the legend, the broadcaster, and a humble, faith-filled man

“God has been incredibly kind to allow me to be in the position to watch and to broadcast all these somewhat monumental events. I’m really filled with thanksgiving and the fact that I’ve been given such a chance to view. But none of those are my achievements; I just happened to be there.…” – VIN […]

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