439 United Methodist Churches vote to split from the denomination over progressive theology

Churches leaving the UMC because of its disobedience to Scripture are refusing to be a part of a denomination which, rather than proclaim freedom to the captives, celebrates sin. If churches truly love those who are LGBT, they will teach them the truth.

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Pro-abortion terror group threatens to shoot pro-lifers in Nebraska

““Nebraskans deserve to be free from the threat of politically motivated terror. These threats against churches and pro-life students at their schools need to be investigated with every resource possible.” –STATE SEN. DAVE MURMAN Jane’s Revenge, a pro-abortion terrorist group that has taken credit for firebombing at least two crisis pregnancy centers, left notes at […]

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In wake of Carson v. Makin, Vermont agrees to stop denying tuition benefits to children attending religious schools

“All parents should be able to send their kids to schools that are the best fit for them, and the First Amendment protects parents’ right to choose religious schools. For more than two decades, Vermont unlawfully excluded religious schools and their students from public benefits, essentially eliminating school choice…” –PAUL SCHMITT, ALLIANCE DEFENDING FREEDOM Vermont […]

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After dismissing hate speech charges against street preacher, U.K. prosecutor says Bible is ‘no longer appropriate in modern society’

“The view from the CPS was that the Bible is offensive and contains illegal speech which should not be shared in public. ‘Offence’ is an entirely subjective concept and is easily manipulated to shut down viewpoints that people simply don’t like. Any suggestion that there is a right not to be offended must be strongly […]

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Inoculating Your Children Against the Progressive Mind Virus

“The serpent in the Garden of Eden was the first progressive. He questioned the truth of God’s Word, sowing doubt in the mind of Eve — “did God really say…?” (Genesis 3:1). He challenged God’s good creation-order by seeking to undermine Adam…He told them to forsake the image of God in which they were made […]

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Pro-abortion group sneaks into pro-life dinner and screams expletives, while pro-life woman proclaims ‘the blood of Jesus’

Despite this grievous sin, God will not be mocked. Later in the evening, as one pro-abort was being escorted away, a woman is heard loudly proclaiming “the blood of Jesus!” which was but one powerful way the gospel was shared that night.

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Meet the ‘god’ of today’s evangelical establishment: ‘Pluralism’

“Paul’s bold preaching didn’t just result in the salvation of individuals; it ‘disrupted’ the pagan ethos of his culture (Acts 19:23-27). In fact, Paul’s church planting efforts were so ‘disruptive’ to the status quo that he was accused of turning ‘the world upside down’” (Acts 17:6). –JASON MATTERA Did you hear that there’s a brand-new […]

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Chinese protestors again risk their lives by demanding freedom from the CCP

In the most significant uprising since Tiananmen Square in 1989, protests have spread across China as citizens express their frustration with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its oppressive policies. But even as the CCP has cracked down on protesters, American leaders have been slow to issue their support for freedom. Quick Facts Protests were […]

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Traditional marriage isn’t bigoted. It’s faithful.

 “The slander of Candace Cameron Bure shows the intolerance of the LGBT agenda. Simply because Bure wanted to make movies that honored her religious beliefs, they have slandered her as a bigot. Not because she did anything hateful, but because she dared to not further the LGBT cause.” As December approaches, many Americans settle down […]

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