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The Myth of the Secular State and the Need for an Explicitly Christian Moral Order

“This is the heart of the issue at hand: For all nations, ultimately, the ‘theological roots’ of political life must be the Christian faith if the nation is to be ordered towards its best ends and ultimate goods. And specifically, in the United States, this is a pre-existing historical reality, though one that has been […]

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Federal court denies middle schooler’s request to express his belief that there are only two genders

“Everyone has a right to their opinions and I wanted to be able to voice mine on a subject that a lot of people were talking about.” –LIAM MORRISON On Wednesday, the U.S. District Court for the District of Massachusetts denied seventh grade student Liam Morrison’s request that he be allowed to immediately express his […]

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Can We Really Trust the Bible? Why Christians Can Have Confidence in God’s Word

“The 66 books are final in the sense that the canon is closed. There will be no more new books added. The 66 books are also the ultimate authority for the Church in this present age, that is, the only rule of faith and practice between the ascension of Jesus Christ and His second coming.” […]

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Elderly pro-lifers viciously assaulted while praying outside Planned Parenthood

“It is important to note that the two victims were not robbed. This was a vicious attack on two men because they are pro-life. This should be treated as a hate crime and denounced….” –JAY WALTON, BALTIMORE COUNTY RIGHT TO LIFE Two pro-life protesters were savagely attacked outside an abortion facility in Baltimore as politically […]

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Blake Treinen Takes a Stand for Christ: One Dodgers Player Refuses to Bow to the LGBT Idol

“In a world that grows increasingly dark, with its mockery of God and its celebration of blasphemous obscenity, Treinen’s statement shines a bright light full of Gospel hope and godly confidence — confidence in Christ as the Lord of all.” –WILLIAM WOLFE In a world awash with sinful compromise on the most pressing issues of […]

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Upcoming LGBT youth carnival will feature drag queens — and parents are banned

“The idea that there would be a festival based solely on sexual identity and replete with sexual themes aimed at youth is in and of itself very troubling. To think that organizers would explicitly forbid parental involvement is simply untenable.” –INDIANA STATE REP. JAKE TESHKA An LGBT youth organization is holding a carnival for young […]

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Wayne Grudem on Two Major Biblical Principles of Government

“Remember: 1) Government is God’s servant, and 2) government is accountable to God. While there is much more than could be said, if you hold on to these twin truths, you will be able to chart a solid course on any political issue that comes your way.” –WILLIAM WOLFE Many Christians will know Wayne Grudem […]

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Lawsuit: Professor required her students to pay money to join her political organization

“Nathan and Nolan simply want to get a business degree without being compelled to pay membership fees that will be donated to Planned Parenthood or support speech that directly contradicts their religious beliefs. Michigan State officials have violated the First Amendment and federal civil rights laws by authorizing professors to force students to support speech […]

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Some People Deserve to Starve: A Biblical View of Work and Welfare

“Christians are supposed to be at the tip of the spear in alleviating poverty, especially when it comes to other believers. That doesn’t mean, however, that we are under any obligation to help indolent bums.  Such people are not entitled to our generosity. They have chosen the path of poverty.” –JASON MATTERA Have you heard […]

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