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“If you want to die, press this button”: Suicide machine now available in Switzerland

The slippery slope to normalize euthanasia and suicide descends even further in Switzerland with the availability of a “suicide pod” that promises an easy and “euphoric” death. A pro-euthanasia organization has created the world’s first suicide pod, allowing users to simply answer a few questions and promptly kill themselves by hypoxia — without a doctor’s […]

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Biden Drops Out! What Does It Mean for History and for Our Future?

In a wild turn of events, President Joe Biden has suddenly exited the presidential race. What does this mean for history, the 2024 election, and the future of American politics? The 2024 presidential cycle has already made history, and it has barely just begun. We have already had the first 2024 presidential debate between Donald […]

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“No basis in reality”: Two appellate courts uphold injunctions on radical Title IX rewrite

[UPDATE] Two Circuit Courts of Appeal have denied the Department of Education’s request to lift parts of injunctions halting its Title IX alterations. Under the new rule finalized in April, schools and universities receiving federal funds are required to implement its 400 pages of regulations by August 1. The rule expands Title IX’s reach to […]

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Mother appeals case involving free speech rights of six-year-old daughter to 9th Circuit

A first grader was harshly punished and forced to apologize for giving her friend an innocent drawing that the principal and teachers deemed “racist” and inconsistent with the school’s “values.” A mother is appealing her daughter’s case to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit following her daughter’s punishment for drawing a picture […]

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Army Presentation Labels Pro-Lifers as a Terror Threat

The idea that a group of prayer warriors picketing abortion clinics and providing sidewalk counseling are the same as terrorists is ludicrous, but for Christians it’s a helpful reminder of the opposition we face. Pro-lifers are used to getting smeared by pro-abortion activists as supposed tyrants who want to control women’s bodies and usher in […]

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California Schemin’: New Law Requires Schools and Teachers to Hide Students’ Gender Confusion from Parents

Signed into law by Gov. Gavin Newsom, AB 1955 is so “painfully unconstitutional” that it will likely be blocked by the courts, but it is being cited by Elon Musk as “the final straw” in his sudden decision to move his companies out of California. In a move that has been characterized as “unconstitutional” and […]

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The “Both Sides” Scam

For the past decade, the left has consistently framed policy disputes with conservatives on every topic as a major face-off between democracy and Hitler’s spawn. So who’s really fanning the flames of political division and violence? Donald Trump nearly got his head blown off in an assassination attempt, and now progressives are claiming that everyone […]

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On Divine Providence and Presidential Assassination Attempts

When that bullet whizzed past Donald Trump’s ear, missing by mere inches, it wasn’t luck or the wind or even the incompetence of a would-be assassin. It was the sovereign hand of the Almighty providing a moment of divine oversight and grace that not only spared a life but also spared a nation. History is […]

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Report: DoD schools are teaching military children divisive ideologies

While military members are selflessly serving their country, their children are being indoctrinated in radical leftist ideologies in a “school-to-activism pipeline,” where they are trained to hate America and “challenge its systems of oppression.” A nonprofit organization is exposing how children of military members are being indoctrinated with controversial ideologies within their K-12 classrooms. Schools […]

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