‘God took something that was done for evil and made it for good,’ says pastor of Texas church evicted after speaking against LGBT mural

After Bradley Helgerson, pastor of the Church on the Square in Georgetown, Texas, spoke out at a city council meeting against a pro-LGBT mural, the church found itself evicted from its leased space with little explanation, but Helgerson said that God has used the situation for good. Quick Facts The city of Georgetown, Texas, partners […]

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Former flight attendants file suit against Alaska Airlines, alleging they were fired for their religious beliefs on LGBTQ issues

Flight attendants Lacey Smith and Marli Brown were allegedly fired after posting comments on an Alaska Airlines article supporting the Equality Act, and this week the two have filed suit, claiming they were terminated for their religious beliefs. Quick Facts Alaska Airlines sends out articles called “Alaska’s World,” which are required reading for employees and […]

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We Need to Rethink the Relationship Between the Church and the State. Start by Remembering that the Church Wins.

“The church wins. The church lasts. The church is forever. The church of Christ is the eschatological reality, the final hope, and the eternal, enduring institution. The church will far outlast any and all earthly governments and their petty mandates, ultimately triumphing over the state in the end.” WILLIAM WOLFE The Church in America Just […]

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Sean Feucht leads worship at Supreme Court, announces new ministry house on Capitol Hill

Traveling worship leader and former congressional candidate Sean Feucht led a vibrant worship service outside the U.S. Supreme Court as part of his Hold the Line ministry.

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Judge strikes down California law that mandated gender quotas for corporate boards as unconstitutional

Judge Maureen Duffy-Lewis of the Superior Court of California in Los Angeles ruled that a California law which dictated that public corporations appoint women to their boards is a violation of the Equal Protection Clause of the U.S. Constitution. Quick Facts Then-Gov. Jerry Brown, D, signed SB 826 in 2018, which required publicly held companies […]

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Louisiana Supreme Court sides with pastor who held services in defiance of COVID orders, rules state violated his religious liberty

The Louisiana Supreme Court has ruled in favor of Pastor Tony Spell, finding that the orders limiting church attendance that led to his arrest on criminal charges were unconstitutional. Quick Facts In March 2020, Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards, D, issued two executive orders that limited church attendance to first 50 and then 10 people. […]

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New pro-life documentary challenging Christians to examine abortion in all its reality hits theaters May 16 and 17

“The Matter of Life” is a new pro-life documentary that takes on the scientific, philosophical, and moral issues behind abortion and addresses the issue of apathy about abortion within a surprisingly large number of churches. It can be seen in nearly 700 theaters nationwide today and tomorrow. Quick Facts Tracy Robinson, the movie’s director and […]

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How Identity Politics Turns Us into Animals: A Review of ‘Primal Screams’ by Mary Eberstadt

“Today’s clamor over identity—the authentic scream by so many for answers to questions about where they belong in the world—did not spring from nowhere. It is a squalling creature unique to our time, born of familial liquidation.” MARY EBERSTADT Introduction: Understanding Identity Politics as the Howling Result of Fractured Families What do you do when […]

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D.C. church publicly celebrates the impending overturn of Roe v. Wade

Following a bombshell leak from the Supreme Court indicating a likely overturn of Roe v. Wade, one Washington D.C. church took to the pulpit to affirm the impending decision. King’s Church DC, an up-and-coming congregation located downtown, is largely made up of Capitol Hill staffers, think tank and advocacy gurus, and government employees. King’s Church […]

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