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A Biblical Rebuke of the Equality Act

  David Closson is the director of Christian Ethics and Biblical Worldview at Family Research Council in Washington, D.C. Closson received his M.Div and Th.M from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He regularly appears on Tony Perkins’ Washington Watch radio where he provides a biblical perspective to cultural narratives. Follow David Closson on Twitter at...

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New Arkansas law provides freedom of conscience protections for healthcare providers

    Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson has signed a law that provides conscience exceptions for healthcare providers who object to performing procedures such as abortions or transgender surgeries.   Quick Facts   On March 26, Gov. Hutchinson signed the Medical Ethics and Diversity Act, which provides conscience exceptions for healthcare providers. Hutchinson said he supports...

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Supreme Court will hear Attorney General Daniel Cameron’s case to defend Kentucky abortion law against the governor’s wishes

    The Supreme Court has agreed to hear a case to determine whether Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron can argue in defense of the state’s law banning dismemberment abortions even though the current governor is unwilling to push forward with the federal appeals process.   Quick Facts   Kentucky’s law was signed by then-Gov....

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PETA and free speech groups rally behind David Daleiden, the much-maligned journalist who exposed Planned Parenthood

    In a situation that proves that the defense of civil liberties can sometimes create peculiar allies, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) and other free speech groups have issued a brief in defense of David Daleiden, a journalist who faces criminal charges for taking undercover videos of Planned Parenthood.  ...

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Seventh Circuit says notifying parents of a minor’s pending abortion is unconstitutional, sets the stage for likely Supreme Court review

  A three-judge panel has struck down an Indiana law that required girls under the age of 18 to notify her parents before having an abortion, with the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals ruling that the law imposes an “undue burden” on a girl’s right to an abortion.   Quick Facts   The Indiana law...

3 weeks ago

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In passing a near-total abortion ban, Arkansas challenges the Supreme Court to reevaluate Roe v. Wade

  Arkansas has passed a law that bans nearly all abortions and, in doing so, calls on the Supreme Court to reevaluate its past decisions enabling legalized abortion, calling them “crimes against humanity.”   Quick Facts   The bill passed the Arkansas Senate by a vote of 27-7 and the House by a vote of...

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‘Pro-life’ supporters of pro-abortion president disappointed to see him be pro-abortion

  There’s a reason the founders of the Babylon Bee started the “Not the Bee” offshoot. Some of the Bee’s titles, though satirical, started becoming realistic — not because the Bee was losing their comedic touch, but because news is becoming that ridiculous.    So, to borrow a phrase, this story is real — not...

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Biden’s foreign funding for abortion puts him at odds with pro-life Africans

    President Joe Biden’s commitment to restart federal funding to abortion centers overseas and commitment to codify Roe v. Wade are not being received well by Africa’s formidable pro-life and Christian communities.   Quick Facts   During his presidency, Donald Trump had reinstated the Mexico City Policy, depriving international abortion providers of billions of...

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Tennessee bill gives fathers a voice in abortion

  A new Tennessee bill would give fathers the right to prevent the mother of their child from having an abortion. As to be expected, critics are claiming the bill gives men power over women’s bodies. As to the reason behind the bill, co-sponsor State Sen. Mark Pody said,   “I believe a father should...

2 months ago

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South Carolina governor signs pro-life ‘heartbeat’ bill into law

  South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster signed a bill into law this week that prohibits abortion after a baby’s heartbeat has been detected, a move that caused Planned Parenthood to quickly file suit to prevent the law from going into effect.   Quick Facts   South Carolina is the 12th state to pass a ban...

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