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Massachusetts health officials tell pregnant women to avoid crisis pregnancy centers


Radical leftist governments continue to use their power and propaganda to threaten non-profit care organizations that provide support and resources to women who want to keep their babies.

The Massachusetts Department of Health has released an ad and a website intended to convince women that pro-life pregnancy centers could harm them, furthering false narratives that these crisis pregnancy centers are deceptive.

The ad tells women that whether they need pregnancy care or “abortion care,” they should “avoid anti-abortion centers” claiming that they may “put your health at risk.”

The ad falsely claims that pro-life centers “mislead you about your options.”

The ad also complains that pro-life centers don’t offer abortions.

Viewers are then directed to a government website where women can “find care you can trust.”

The list of “trusted” providers is given by the pro-abortion group Reproductive Equity Now, which seeks to promote abortion nationwide. The Massachusetts Department of Health calls the group a “trusted partner” of the department.

Meanwhile, the department devotes a page on its website to bashing pro-life pregnancy centers.

The web page claims that “anti-abortion” centers “Look like medical facilities but don’t offer comprehensive care”; “Do not provide information and counseling about all your options if you are pregnant”; “Do not provide abortion care or referrals”; and “May attempt to delay your care and potentially put your health at risk.”

The department also claims that crisis pregnancy centers advertise abortion-related care and try to appear like they are abortion clinics, despite the fact that most pro-life centers clearly state on their websites that they do not provide abortions.

The department also asserts, without citing any evidence, that pro-life centers intentionally delay appointments or lie about how far along a pregnancy is to stop a woman from getting an abortion.

It says that pro-life pregnancy centers target “lower income communities and communities of color, where there may be fewer options for comprehensive reproductive health care.”

The department gives “warning signs” that a woman may be at an anti-abortion center, including that they advertise free services but not abortions and that in the waiting room they have “pictures of babies and children.”

This campaign is part of a larger effort by blue states to undermine the credibility of crisis pregnancy centers using the completely unfounded claim that they operate using deceptive business practices.

In Illinois Attorney General Kwame Raoul drafted a bill that was worded specifically to target pregnancy centers and was quickly passed by the state legislature and signed into law by Gov. J.B. Prtizker. The new law was obvious in its intent to delegitimize pregnancy care centers as can be seen in its wording, which states that a pro-life center could offer every possible pregnancy care service except abortion and be targeted as deceptive under the law while a pro-abortion center could offer no services except abortion and be considered a legitimate pregnancy facility.

U.S. District Court Judge Iain Johnston blocked the law, calling it “stupid and very likely unconstitutional.”

He ruled, “There’s no doubt who the Attorney General wants to win or lose in the marketplace of ideas, but the government doesn’t get to decide that. The people do.”

Raoul agreed not to enforce the law.

Meanwhile in New Jersey, Rep. Josh Gottheimer called pro-life centers “brainwashing cult clinics” and vowed to shut them all down. New Jersey Attorney General Matthew Platkin issued a subpoena to First Choice Women’s Resource Center demanding a collection of internal documents. First Choice has since filed suit against Platkin, alleging that he has no basis for the demand other than animus toward pro-life organizations and noting that no consumer complaints had ever been filed against them.

That also turned out to be the case in Illinois where a Freedom of Information Act request found that no complaint had been registered against a pro-life women’s resource center in the 10-year time period covered by the request.

That hasn’t stopped left-leaning attorneys general and lawmakers from attempting to prosecute them as deceptive.

Meanwhile, California Attorney General Rob Bonta and New York Attorney General Letitia James have both filed lawsuits, which we covered here and here, demanding that pro-life pregnancy clinics should be banned from offering abortion pill reversal because it doesn’t work. This claim is being made despite the numerous women that have safely undergone abortion pill reversal and given birth to healthy babies.

Why such animus towards caring centers that actually help women who choose to have their babies but need guidance, support, and financial assistance? Why would any government agency see such an organization as harmful to women?

In this ad we clearly see the projection strategy of the radical left, because these attacks are intended to do the very thing they accuse crisis pregnancy centers of doing: deceiving women.

For example, take the different ways Massachusetts Department of Health characterizes “anti-abortion centers” and what they mean:

Claim: “Look like medical facilities but don’t offer comprehensive care”
Translation: They won’t perform abortions.

Claim: “Do not provide information and counseling about all your options if you are pregnant”
Translation: They don’t counsel you to choose abortion.

Claim: “Do not provide abortion care or referrals”
Translation: They won’t kill your baby or send you to someone who will.

As was made crystal clear in the Illinois law, “comprehensive care” according to the Massachusetts Department of Health means abortion — and only abortion.

For example, Planned Parenthood doesn’t offer many of the services that one would consider to be pregnancy care and yet they are touted and supported by the very government officials targeting pregnancy resource centers. Moreover, the language used by the state to describe crisis pregnancy centers copies, almost word for word, language from Planned Parenthood’s website.

And one final point in how pro-abortion clinics attempt to obfuscate: Pro-life pregnancy centers aren’t the ones “targeting” minority and lower income communities, it’s the abortion clinics, especially Planned Parenthood.

The country’s largest abortion provider was founded by racist and eugenicist Margaret Sanger, who placed clinics in minority areas for the sole purpose of eliminating their children. In a letter to eugenicist Dr. Clarence Gamble outlining her plan to carry out the “Negro Project of the South,” she wrote:

We should hire three or four colored ministers, preferably with social-service backgrounds, and with engaging personalities.  The most successful educational approach to the Negro is through a religious appeal…. We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population and the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members.”

The proof is in the numbers. According to data reported to the CDC by 31 states, Washington, D.C., and New York City, black women accounted for 41.5 percent of all abortions in 2021. Yet the U.S. Census Bureau says that only 13.6 percent of Americans are black. Abortion clinics are targeting black women and their children.

This effort to malign pro-life centers is a new front in the war on children and families using propaganda and lawfare, but the pro-life community must step up and fight back.

How? Do your research so you can counter the lies with facts, statistics, and real-world stories. Support your local crisis pregnancy center by donating resources or volunteering your time. And also consider donating to those non-profit law firms that are stepping up to provide pro-life centers with free legal defense services.

Pro-life crisis pregnancy centers need our support more than ever as they are now forced to fight against the very government that should be working with these volunteer organizations to save lives and help women.

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