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The Dark and Tragic Roots of the Child Transgender Movement


“We must not lie to ourselves that loving our neighbor means waving a Pride flag, putting pronouns in our bios, and doing nothing while children are psychologically traumatized, medically altered, physically mutilated, and rendered infertile and damaged for life.”

Reagan Escudé Scott

It’s the Month of Depravity, better known as “Pride Month,” and no matter your theological or political views, you are likely to be getting hit with pride propaganda at every turn. I’ve been unironically shocked to see just how many companies have jumped on the bandwagon to re-brand with rainbow stripes, but I wonder just how many of them know the history of the horrific ideology they are promoting.

They likely don’t care. Virtue-signaling to the masses is the best way for them to remain in good standing with what are now societal norms. But although the LGBTQ+ movement has only recently gained unprecedented influence and power, the threat it poses to young people is not new or an unintended byproduct.

With regard to transgender ideology, especially, it is a feature, a character trait, to prey upon, attack, and oppress young, vulnerable people.

Just this weekend, we saw the transgender, cross-dressing phenomenon take Dallas by storm in a drag show geared towards children. “Drag the kids to pride” was the beckoning call from its promoters. Parents, either fully deluded or downright wicked, responded by bringing their children to a gay bar to observe and participate with thong-wearing, vulgarly-dancing men dressed up as women.

And the men gladly performed for them.

Pride, transgenderism, gender identity, and sexual orientation ideologies have always been intended to impress upon, convert, and sexualize children. And many of us have stood by silently, naive to the depths of the depravity that this movement actually carries.

The Sad Case of the Reimer Twins

By now, you’re probably familiar with the terms “gender identity” and “sexual orientation.” But these terms are relatively new to the English vocabulary. They were coined in the 1960s by a man named Dr. John Money.

Money was a renowned psychologist and sexologist at Johns Hopkins Hospital who built off of the work of Dr. Alfred Kinsey, the “father of sex research” whose theories on the sexual lives of prepubescent children, it turned out, were actually based on the diaries of a prolific pedophile who had molested hundreds of children. His “conclusions” later informed much of the sexual education curriculum that was implemented at public schools and continues to this day.

Money took children’s sexuality to the next level. He believed that gender is learned through an individual’s upbringing rather than something that is innate and biological, and he wanted to put that radical theory to the test.

In 1965, he met with a family who had eight-month-old male twins, the now famous Reimer twins. One of the twins, who his young parents had named Bruce, had experienced a botched circumcision that caused irreparable damage to his penis.

The parents went to Dr. Money for help. His solution was to castrate him, give him sex hormones, and raise him as “Brenda.” At just 22 months old, Bruce underwent surgery to remove his testes and penis and replace them with rudimentary female genitals. He was given estrogen in adolescence to promote breast development. He was forced to wear dresses and play with dolls.

As part of the therapy process, Money had “Brenda” assume sex positions with his twin brother, Brian. Money would photograph the twins doing this on some occasions. When the twins refused, they experienced verbal abuse from Money. Sometimes, Money would bring his colleagues in to observe the boys engaging in this “sexual rehearsal play,” which he said was important for “healthy childhood sexual exploration.” To reinforce “Bruce’s” imposed gender identity, “Brenda” was shown pictures of naked adults.

To Money, “Brenda’s” resulting feminine behavior demonstrated success. He published the data as the John/Joan Case, reinforcing his theory of gender fluidity. Because “Brenda” did not demonstrate any of the boyish mannerisms like his twin brother Brian, he concluded that the case was proof that gender identity is learned, not innate.

A Tragic Ending

When “Brenda” was 15 years old, his father told him the truth about why he never felt like he fit in. To “Brenda,” everything now made sense. He decided to reclaim his identity as a boy. He took male hormone treatments, underwent a double mastectomy, and renamed himself David. Even as he tried his best to live his life as a normal man, David remained deeply depressed and suffered from psychological trauma throughout adulthood. He later wrote a book and even appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show in 2000. He was the ultimate cautionary tale of the quackery that insists that gender identity in children is fluid.

When he was 38 years old, David Reimer killed himself.

His brother, Brian, who was diagnosed with schizophrenia, had committed suicide two years prior.

Despite this sad and tragic case of medical malpractice and medical malfeasance, Dr. John Money is today revered as the “pioneer of sexual identity.”

A Deadly Combination: Medical Hubris and Greed

Transgenderism, gender identity, and gender transitions were built on flawed science. The findings in a case so appalling and tragic are now being levied as normative in our godless culture. Men and women in this country are actively seeking to change the gender that God gave them and convincing impressionable children to do the same.

Why? Depravity of man, for one.

It also makes more money. Our corrupt government and the elites in power know that it is less profitable for the pharmaceutical industry to treat a person for mental illness than it is to have them undergo hormone treatments and transition surgeries. It is even more profitable for children when puberty blockers are added to the pharmaceutical cocktail.

It creates agents of the state. Although this ideology began with Dr. John Money, it has been furthered by the elites in power who hold influence over the media we consume on a regular basis. They tell us what to care about (transgender inclusivity), what to celebrate (Pride Month), and who is standing in the way (conservatives, Christians, families, etc.).

It sets up a sin-promoting cycle of deception, indoctrination, delusion, degeneracy, normalization, and advocacy. Young people go to government-run universities where they first become convinced by the lies of Dr. John Money and then are further indoctrinated with what is known as Queer Theory to compound their transgender sympathies. Then they become teachers.

Then the teachers, who often believe they have their students’ best interests at heart, begin to teach the children they have been entrusted with about gender identity and sexual orientation. The child becomes trusting and curious, and she listens as the teacher insinuates that if the child is unhappy, maybe she is just in the wrong body.

The child trusts the teacher. When the child goes to his or her parents to explain what is being taught at school, the parent, rightfully, reacts abruptly and brashly, pushing the child into the arms of the teacher even more. The bond between parent and child is severed.

The child grows up, continuing to listen to those who educate her, believing she knows better than her parents. Then one day, she goes to public university, and the cycle continues as the strings continue to be pulled by the powers that be.

How a Christian Should Respond

There is no doubt that gender dysphoria is a very real and serious illness. It should be met with compassion, tenderness, and love. But in that love, there must be truth.

Christian, it is neither fruitful nor God-honoring to ignore the epidemic of chemical castration, sexual indoctrination, and utter wickedness plaguing our children. We must not stand by silently as evil abounds, and we must not lie to ourselves that loving our neighbor means waving a Pride flag, putting pronouns in our bios, affirming the sinful lifestyles of others, and doing nothing while children are psychologically traumatized, like Brian Reimer, and medically altered, physically mutilated, and rendered infertile and damaged for life like David Reimer.

As Jesus says in Matthew 18:6, ESV, “But whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a great millstone fastened around his neck and to be drowned in the depth of the sea.”

In Matthew 18:10, He continues, “See that you do not despise one of these little ones. For I tell you that in heaven their angels always see the face of my Father who is in heaven.”

Moreover, Ephesians 5:11 warns us, “Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them.”

We must take seriously what is at stake. Suffering and death is imminent. Repentance is necessary.

If you have participated in, affirmed, or stood silent in the face of this wickedness, repent. And relish in the opportunity the lies ahead as we can use this month to preach the Gospel of salvation to those who so desperately need it.

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