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Will You Stand For Freedom?

Your freedoms are hanging in the balance.

Never has religious freedom and individual liberty been so vulnerable. Whether through legislation, the courts, or the mainstream media, culture continues to relentlessly force its agenda into politics and ultimately into our lives. Apathy should have no presence when our individual freedoms, those which are granted by God and enshrined in our Constitution, are under attack.

The fight doesn’t end there! Within the Church, we are also contending with the social justice movement, biblical sexual ethics, male and female roles in church and compromise on the inerrancy and authority of Scripture.

In public education, Critical Race Theory is being introduced to our children, sexually explicit books in our children’s school libraries, and transgender policies that allow students to choose which bathroom or locker room they want to use are becoming required by several states. Biological males are now competing in women’s athletics and teachers and staff are being forced to use the preferred pronouns of students–even when such use violates the teachers’ religious convictions.

Free speech is being challenged at the highest levels under the guise of protecting the public from misinformation.

So as Christians, how do we respond?

  • Will you stand for parental rights in your children’s education?
  • Will you stand for freedom with your Church and its ability to remain faithful to Scripture without government oppression?
  • Will you stand to protect free speech?
  • Will you stand and defend your country against tyranny – both foreign and domestic?

If you answered yes, please sign below. If we don’t join together now, there may not be another chance.