The Welfare State Must Be Torn Down: A Biblical View of Wealth Redistribution

“The question isn’t if the poor should be helped, but how should the poor be helped. For that answer, the Bible, and not trite progressive dogmas, should be our guide. And with the Bible as our guide, it’s obvious that a sprawling welfare state — the heartbeat of this “liberal social vision” — should be […]

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Progressive Christians in a Post-Roe America: Make the Welfare State Great Again!

“The blunt fact is, politicians are not good stewards. They are awful stewards of our money and trust and shouldn’t, in a sane world, be rewarded with a penny more to ‘solve’ a problem that they’ve been supposedly ‘solving’ for 60 years now.” –JASON MATTERA I know, the “welfare state” was never “great” to begin […]

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Three Biblical Reasons Why Christians Should Judge

“Motivated by our love for Him and His commands, we are to speak the truth that has been plainly revealed to us in God’s Word and gently confront those in error in order to bring them to repentance and faith. “ –REAGAN ESCUDÉ SCOTT How often have you heard it said that “it’s not a […]

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Idaho Supreme Court allows state abortion law to go into effect, while also illustrating the principle of judicial restraint

“…what Petitioners are asking this Court to ultimately do is to declare a right to abortion under the Idaho Constitution when—on its face—there is none.” –JUSTICE ROBYN BRODY After a decision by the Idaho Supreme Court on Friday, the state’s longstanding ban on abortion will be allowed to go into effect. Quick Facts On Friday, […]

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Four Lessons on Remaining Faithful from ‘Evangelicalism Divided,’ Part 2

“We must be willing to be hated by the world. Not loved. Not liked. Not even just ignored. We must be willing to be hated and all that might entail. But the only way we can do that is if we have the confidence that God will win…” –WILLIAM WOLFE Read part 1 of this […]

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Four Lessons on Remaining Faithful from ‘Evangelicalism Divided,’ Part 1

“Trading the eternal, revealed truths of God for a passing appearance of unity amongst men is a disastrous bargain.” –WILLIAM WOLFE “Fellowship between faith and unbelief must, sooner or later, prove fatal to the former.” That sentence, a quote from Horatius Bonar included by Iain H. Murray in his book Evangelicalism Divided: A Record of […]

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Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals to decide if videos of abortion industry executives offering to sell fetal tissue can be released

“The Bible instructs Christians to walk in light, not to carry out a double life in the dark. But it goes beyond that and encourages Christians to stand up for truth and to point out wickedness. If the videos show what Daleiden claims…then it is truly evil that he is shining light on.” Attorneys for […]

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Chicago Cubs co-owner Todd Ricketts launches unbiased, uncensored search engine Freespoke as an alternative to Big Tech

“It comes back to putting information in front of people and helping them come to their own conclusions. And it’s really something that just seems to be outside of what the Big Tech world is thinking right now, where they want to guide your thinking.” – TODD RICKETTS, FOUNDER, FREESPOKE As Big Tech companies continue […]

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Christian school appeals ban on prayer at championship game, continuing its seven-year fight for free exercise of religion

“In the name of the First Amendment, the FHSAA would have us ignore it. Rather than respect the First Amendment’s double protection for religious expression, the lower court would have us silence it. We hope the Eleventh Circuit will correct the lower court’s decision by reminding us all that the Constitution protects religious speech, even […]

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