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Former University of Wisconsin student with ties to Antifa agrees to plead guilty to firebombing a pro-life organization

UPDATE: A Wisconsin man has agreed to plead guilty to damaging a pro-life facility with explosives after law enforcement matched his DNA to evidence found at the scene of the crime. Following the leak of the draft opinion of the Supreme Court’s 2022 decision in Dobbs v. Jackson, which overturned Roe v. Wade, pro-abortion activists, […]

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Street Preacher Shot While Preaching Serves as Stark Warning of Rising Anti-Christian Hate in America

Let us remember Hans Schmidt and his family in our prayers. Let his story be a reminder of the challenges we face as Christians in an increasingly secular society that hates both Christ and His followers. But let us continue to share the Gospel because our nation needs Jesus — badly. On a seemingly ordinary […]

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Satanist and Transgender Christmas Trees? The Ongoing War on Christmas Ramps Up

Christmas trees celebrating Satan and child mutilation at a Christmas tree festival is quite the fitting example of how spiritual forces of darkness are real and at work in 2023. But we as Christians must act as jolly combatants in this war by standing firm in our faith and resisting all attempts to desecrate our […]

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How To Be A Christian Dissident in an Increasingly Authoritarian Age

Today’s persecution might not look like what Solzhenitsyn, Bonhoeffer, and Wurmbrand faced, but it is here and growing, and Christians must be prepared to stand as beacons of light guiding their communities through the murky waters of misinformation — armed with the sword of the Spirit and motivated by a love that seeks the truth. […]

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Thanksgiving Is Still a Christian Holiday

Thanksgiving belongs to us as Christians. It is truly a Christian holiday, one that is deeply rooted in the tradition of expressing gratitude to God. It is a time to reflect on the blessings we have received and to give thanks for them. Don’t let the consumerism of Black Friday deals and the “LGBTQIA+-ifcation” of […]

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Why Thanksgiving Is a National Treasure 

Freedom is not free, so as we gather with loved ones today, remember to thank God for those who pioneered this great nation into a beacon of freedom and for those who put their lives on the line to preserve it. Thanksgiving is more than a family holiday or a mindset — it’s a national […]

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Three Things You Should Know About the History of Thanksgiving

Understanding these historical aspects provides a broader perspective on the significance and true meaning behind this beloved holiday. Thanksgiving, a widely celebrated holiday in the United States and Canada, has deep historical and Christian roots that trace back to early colonial times. While the modern celebration involves feasting, family gatherings, and expressions of gratitude, understanding […]

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This Thanksgiving, Let’s Remember to Find Our Gratitude and Joy in God’s Sovereignty

We’re surrounded, in this age, by headline after headline portending bad news and reasons to despair and lose hope, but we as Christians must always derive our hope and purpose through our relationship with Christ, our firm and secure anchor. Just over 500 years ago, the very first pilgrims landed at Provincetown Harbor and founded […]

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Our Thanksgiving Tradition: Defying the Secularist Agenda

Progressives who think American leaders are required to check their faith at the door might be surprised to learn about all the “Christian Supremacy” lurking behind this one national holiday. The fourth Thursday of every November is the day we set aside to reflect on God’s blessing, cherish time with family, and — my personal […]

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