America Must Stand with Taiwan. The World is Watching.

“This is the towering moral question facing the Biden administration: Will we continue to be not only a beacon of liberty, freedom, and justice in the world at large but also support our allies when the time comes?” William Wolfe The Next Afghanistan Might Be Taiwan The Biden administration’s hasty departure from Afghanistan was an […]

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Federal judge bars New York governor and private employers from enforcing vaccine mandate on religious healthcare workers

A federal judge has barred New York State from enforcing its vaccine mandate, granting a preliminary injunction to 17 medical health professionals who hold religious objections to the COVID-19 vaccines — even as a similar but larger suit brought by 1,500 healthcare workers against New York State is set to be heard in federal court […]

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Ohio pastors say NO to vaccine requirements, sign letter to Biden: ‘We have no king but Jesus’

A group of Ohio pastors recently sent a letter to President Joe Biden stating their opposition to his looming vaccine mandate because it is a tyrannical measure that interferes with individual autonomy and shows a lack of dignity for people created in the image of God. Quick Facts 101 pastors signed a letter opposing President […]

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The Southwest Saga: Whatever happened, it was an anti-vaccine mandate moment of inspiration

Americans are desperate for inspiration and longing for leaders — anyone — to stand up to the tyrants and defend their freedoms, to stand athwart history — this dystopian history unfolding before our eyes — and yell “stop!” Enough with the mandates. Enough with the madness. Enough.

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The woke never stop, now they’re after Superman

Superman, the world’s first modern superhero, debuted in 1938, proclaiming truth, justice, and the American way. The hero faster than a locomotive became beloved early on and since then has been an enduring symbol of American culture, known both for his vast array of powers and his boy scout image.  Perhaps the most famous aspect […]

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Prestigious Episcopal school in D.C. turns its back on Christian grace with a ‘one strike and you’re out’ hate speech policy for students

St. Albans School, a prestigious boys school in Washington D.C., has recently come under fire for its new “anti-bias” hate speech policy that asks students to inform on each other. Quick Facts Albans was formerly considered one of the most conservative schools in D.C. before the unveiling of their proposed “anti-bias” policy. These policies are […]

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Loudoun County Schools had a father arrested to cover up his daughter’s rape by a skirt-wearing male student in a girls’ bathroom

Investigative reporting by the Daily Wire shows that Loudoun County Schools knew about and allegedly covered up the sexual assault of a female student in the girls’ bathroom by a male student wearing a skirt. School officials had the girl’s father arrested and transferred the male student to another school, where he later committed another […]

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Texas Gov. says NO to Biden vaccine mandates

Abbott’s ban on vaccine mandates has a functional purpose, which is to immediately protect the livelihoods and individual rights of Texans, whether someone is an employee, a small business owner, a corporate executive, a churchgoer, or a student, as well as to protect the Texas economy from mass firings and economic chaos.

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Appeals Court overrules university and grants student athletes religious exemptions to vaccine mandate

The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled unanimously in favor of a group of student athletes at Western Michigan University (WMU) who were seeking a religious exemption from the school’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate. Quick Facts A three-judge panel of the Sixth Circuit Appeals Court ruled 3-0 on behalf of a group of 16 athletes, the […]

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