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German homeschool family granted asylum by U.S. in 2008 is suddenly being deported

“Our oldest children were in school in the German public schools, and their personality literally changed. We wanted to help them to grow up in what they believed in and what we believe in and not get basically indoctrinated…” –UWE ROMEIKE After being allowed to live in the U.S. as asylum seekers for 15 years, […]

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U.K. police drop case, apologize to woman they arrested twice for praying silently

UPDATE: The West Midlands Police Department in England has announced that they will not pursue charges against pro-lifer Isabel Vaughan-Spruce after Home Secretary Suella Braverman sent a letter instructing police that silent prayer is not a crime. Vaughan-Spruce was arrested for praying silently inside a censorship zone near an abortion clinic. She was acquitted in […]

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America’s Two-Tiered Justice System Exposed

Our government is now operating so far from God’s righteous standards of justice that peaceful pro-life grandmothers get sent to prison while violent Antifa activists get community service. Lady Justice, we’ve been told, is blind. Or at least she’s supposed to be — rendering the right verdicts without any partiality or consideration of one’s ethnicity, […]

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Canadian Parents Stage Massive Protests Against Radical Gender Ideology in Schools

Will American parents rise up in a similar demonstration, tens of thousands strong, to tell our state and federal governments that this sinful LGBTQIA+ indoctrination has no place here? The future of the West isn’t looking particularly bright these days — or free. Let’s consider the “three Cs” of totalitarian progression that are unfolding in […]

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A Texas town has zero churches and now its government is blocking a historic black church from congregating

That a town of nearly 20,000 people doesn’t have a church — or even want a church — is a sad reflection of just how secular American society is becoming. But it doesn’t matter. The Constitution is not subject to the whims of trendy beliefs or a Not-In-My-Backyard mentality. First Liberty Institute and the law […]

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Congress hears alarming testimony about the Chinese Communist Party’s efforts to propagandize American schoolchildren

“The danger of Confucius Classrooms in American K-12 schools cannot be overstated. They threaten our national security, compromise our geopolitical interests, and erode our academic freedom.” –REP. AARON BEAN Members of the U.S. House of Representatives heard testimony regarding an investigative report that found that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is influencing and propagandizing children […]

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Lt. Col. Allen West Shares His Top 10 Bible Verses for Becoming a “Champion for Christ”

“If you’re here at Liberty University, where the purpose ties into the Great Commission, where their task is to train you to be a ‘Champion for Christ,’ then that’s your purpose. Every single day of your life when you wake up, you are training to be a Champion for Christ.” –LT. COL. ALLEN WEST (RET.) […]

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The Modern American Woman: A Story of False Liberation

Liberation can never come from embracing and worshipping yourself but only by embracing and worshipping the One who grants the only liberation that matters: liberation from sin and death. It is no coincidence that when you Google the word “liberation,” the first dictionary response supports the definition with this example: “the struggle for women’s liberation.” […]

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Canadian pastor convicted of “mischief” for giving a 17-minute sermon to Freedom Convoy protestors is set free for time served

“For the past 18 months, they’ve done everything in their power to force me to say that I am guilty, that I’m sorry. They were forcing me to apologize, but I have nothing to apologize for. They have everything to apologize for.” –PASTOR ARTUR PAWLOWSKI Canadian pastor Artur Pawlowski was sentenced to 60 days in […]

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