Stand for Freedom: Biblical Principles in a Woke World

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The FBI Must Answer for Mark Houck’s Arrest and Christians Need to Stand Up

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has much to answer for in their recent arrest of pro-life leader Mark Houck. His September 23 arrest calls into question the objectivity of the bureau’s administration of justice, ideological neutrality, and its mission to “protect the American people and uphold the Constitution of the United States.” Quick Facts […]

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Latest FIRE Report: America’s elite universities are the worst for free speech

“The situation for freedom of speech and academic freedom has been in trouble on campus since before FIRE was founded in 1999. That situation has gotten far worse in the last few years.” —GREG LUKIANOFF, FIRE CEO The state of free speech on U.S. college campuses has grown dismal, according to the Foundation for Individual […]

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‘God, Family, Country’: Italy Elects A New Conservative Leader

“We will defend the value of the human being.” —Giorgia Meloni “We will defend God, country, and family.” That is the promise of Giorgia Meloni, who is set to become Italy’s next premier, or prime minister, after her political party, Brothers of Italy, dominated in the most recent round of the Italian elections. According to […]

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Women of the Faith You Need to Know: Corrie ten Boom

  “You can never learn that Christ is all you need, until Christ is all you have.” – CORRIE TEN BOOM Born on April 15, 1892, Cornelia Arnolda Johanna “Corrie” ten Boom grew up in the city of Haarlem, North Holland, where her grandfather, Willem, started and operated a well-known watch shop. Her father, Casper, […]

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A Message From One Expecting Mama to Another

“God chose you to be your baby’s mother. God has given you a tiny soul — a heart and a mind — to steward, to teach, to disciple, to nurture, to discipline, and to learn from. He’s given this job to you, and rest assured He will equip you for it.” –REAGAN ESCUDÉ SCOTT Dear […]

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Islamic terrorists murder an 83-year-old Catholic nun in the latest attack on Mozambique Christians

“May the sacrifice of the life of Sister Maria De Coppi, who shed her blood trying to save the young girls in the boarding house from the terrorists, help us to find solutions for a regional development to benefit the entire population and provide new opportunities for the young, so that peace may return to […]

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Survey: Most Hispanic and Latino parents want to change their children’s school

“The failure of public schools was put on display during the COVID crisis in which students suffered from at-home learning and teachers refused to go back to school. It’s long past time that legislators stop listening to special interest groups and start listening to the strong majority of parents who want more control over their […]

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Churches Can’t Avoid Politics — And They Shouldn’t Try

When the Church and Christians fight for justice in the public square through political means, amazing things can happen — whether that is ending the British slave trade, working to help overturn Roe, or bravely keeping a church open in defiance of absurd government mandates, as John MacArthur and other pastors did in 2020. The […]

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Banned Books: Where Do We Draw the Line?

“One can be consistently anti-censorship and pro-freedom of thought while simultaneously acknowledging that it is not the role of the ALA or public schools to usurp a parent’s right to monitor what their children read, view, and listen to.” –REAGAN ESCUDÉ SCOTT September 18-24 is recognized by the American Library Association (ALA) as “Banned Books […]

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