Secretary Mike Pompeo

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Secretary Mike Pompeo joins the Standing for Freedom Center as a senior advisor. Mr. Pompeo’s career covers an impressive spectrum of public service, including six years representing the great state of Kansas in Congress, and he is the only person to have served as both Secretary of State and Director of the Central Intelligence Agency.

He is currently a distinguished fellow at the Hudson Institute, where he focuses on promoting U.S. national security, technological leadership, and global engagement.

The secretary is a graduate of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point and Harvard Law School. But while Mr. Pompeo is a committed servant and patriot, he is also a proud husband, father, and an unapologetic man of God. As Secretary of State, he developed a fierce defensive posture for religious liberty on an international scale. He is not shy about his faith, even when members of the Senate Judiciary Committee accost him for it. In cases like that, Mr. Pompeo’s faith was that much more evident.

His commitment to justice in combating human rights violations across the globe fulfill our biblical calling to bring justice to the nations, and his unstoppable courageous message of faith reveal Mr. Pompeo’s true character of discipleship.